i can has incarnation?

Here is a fine example of the Really Depressed Animal nativity genre.i can has savior

The look on cat-Mary’s face is all too familiar; it usually means that there is only sad, dry cat food in the bowl.

Also…why are the angels dogs?

bad angle or bad angel?

Let’s ignore the whole windswept look of this…are they adoring the baby in a windtunnel? They should really put a hat on that little guy.

No, let’s go straight to the issue of the horns on the angel.

Sure, they might just be the angel’s wings, photographed at the wrong angle. Might. It still doesn’t explain why someone with wings feels the need to get a piggyback ride from Mary.


Is this really practical for travel by donkey?

I just feel like Mary and Joseph are a bit overdressed for stable life. And where are they going to plug in their techno fiber optic collars?


The baby just looks distressed by it all. Or maybe he just figured out that breastfeeding in that outfit is going to be really, really complicated.


yes, yes

I know, it’s a lovely piece of folk art. One shouldn’t make fun of folk art. The people who made this probably never even saw Star Wars, so they have no idea that they’ve just made a Jawa nativity.


Sure, they’re adoring the child right now, but tomorrow, they’ll be out stealing droids again.