yes, yes

I know, it’s a lovely piece of folk art. One shouldn’t make fun of folk art. The people who made this probably never even saw Star Wars, so they have no idea that they’ve just made a Jawa nativity.


Sure, they’re adoring the child right now, but tomorrow, they’ll be out stealing droids again.

16 thoughts on “yes, yes

  1. Di

    They look like zombies. Where are their legs? What kind of legless marshmallow animal is that anyways…it looks like JC is a marshmallow, too!

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  3. Kathy

    Sara- I sort of like this one. Really. If I had seen it (and I’m looking for one mind you) in a shop (there are none to be found in Bozeman)I would seriously consider buying it. And then I would get it home and my weirdness radar husband would sniff me out and know I had fallen into some strange trap. And then we would laugh hysterically for years on end everytime we looked at it. But no, you had to spoil the fun – and so now I’m looking for less weird nativity scenes that won’t break under my 4 year old grasp. 🙂

  4. Lily

    i laughed so hard at all these… thanks Sara 🙂 .. Christmas is/was annoying, up til now lol


    ps. no phoning home for them, possibly in a witness protection program

  5. ecuadoriana

    I think the manger looks more like an acorn.

    “Someday, little baby Jesus, you will grow to be a tall, fine oak tree & then a developer will come along & chop you down & turn you into a shopping center.”

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