i can has incarnation?

Here is a fine example of the Really Depressed Animal nativity genre.i can has savior

The look on cat-Mary’s face is all too familiar; it usually means that there is only sad, dry cat food in the bowl.

Also…why are the angels dogs?

13 thoughts on “i can has incarnation?

  1. Katherine

    And Baby Jesus looks remarkably like a corpse. No wonder Mary and Joseph look so mournful. Their poor blue baby died!

  2. Di

    LOVE that all dogs comment! Yes, I believe it looks like rigamortis has set in on baby kitty JC. It looks like he is laying on a bed of banana peels.

    Damn, I love this stuff. Can Mary and Joseph Kitties go on some prozac?

  3. Jeanie

    Oh, great, my boss is in the next office, and I’ve got tears running down my face, trying to squelch the guffaws that result from twisted thoughts of Prozac, banana peels, and very sad and possibly deceased kitties. RIP Fluffy. (Note to self: Don’t look at this stuff during work hours.)

  4. Mary Beth

    Sorry to double post, but I’ve submitted a comment & a link to the Cavalcade in the Times’ site. I hope it brings more attention to this fine blog!

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  6. Heidi

    I’m having really disturbing flashbacks to a stray cat my family took in when I was young… she would have litter after litter of kittens in our attic, but almost always, only one kitten from each litter would survive the birth, and not long after, that brave little kitten, realizing the hell s/he’d been born into, would give up on life as well…

  7. NativityFreak

    Honey, could you pick up some more formula and Holy Sh*t cat litter when you’re at the store?

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