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we come from the land of the ice and snow

A land, I might add, of oddly-proportioned creatures.

big boy?

My favorite thing about this one is how much Joseph looks like the statue outside the old Big Boy. It used to end up on the roof of the high school every year around homecoming.

big boy

Actually, that’s a lie. My favorite thing is that it makes me want to say “we must get moose and seal” in a Boris and Natasha voice. Because there’s a moose…and…oh, never mind.

yes, yes

I know, it’s a lovely piece of folk art. One shouldn’t make fun of folk art. The people who made this probably never even saw Star Wars, so they have no idea that they’ve just made a Jawa nativity.


Sure, they’re adoring the child right now, but tomorrow, they’ll be out stealing droids again.