Two examples of the nativity scene with giant angel motif.

“Not like I was using my legs or anything…”

You know what this needs? Fiber optics. And moving wings. Yes.

bigass fiber optic

12 thoughts on “looming

  1. Jenn

    Didn’t the Ghost of Christmas Future have those weird demon things under his robe? These guys are totally ripping off Charles Dickens..

  2. Katherine

    Now, I don’t usually see nasty sexual innuendo in things, having a naturally innocent mind. But how can one NOT think lewd thoughts when looking at the top angel?

  3. Di

    It’s not just you, Katherine…I too, could not help but notice the rather phallic shape of the “stable” in the first angel. Creepy, plus it looks like it ROTATES! Yikes.

  4. Mollie

    Having just received a Jim Shore/Heartwood Creek nativity that I really like (with nary an angel in sight), I was hoping that first one would turn out to be a knockoff. But I think it may be authentic. Does this mean I have to burn my creche?

  5. Kathy R.

    I have a Jim Shore angel with the nativity pictured on (not under or inside) her skirt that I really like. But the angel doesn’t have as sappy a look on her face, and she sure as heck doesn’t rotate, light up, or play music as this one does. Even Jim Shore doesn’t get it right every time, obviously.

  6. ecuadoriana

    My poem:

    Creepy barren hair-band angel
    devoid of all internal organs
    clapping delightedly
    at the phallic/womb stable
    she envelopes
    her silent night
    is our silent horror
    her wings flutter
    I shudder….

    Poor_mad_peter, I think her ability to pee is the least of our worries!!!

  7. Joseph

    The fiber-optic angel looks like she had a wardrobe malfunction and is covering her breasts. The way baby Jesus is looking up at her, you’d think she was saying “I know you’re hungry, kid, but you’ll have to talk to Mary about it. Nope, these ain’t for you.”

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