lo, I have come to make bathtub so much fun

Yeah, I know, I used that joke in 1.0. I only have one joke, ok?


7 thoughts on “lo, I have come to make bathtub so much fun

  1. Di

    Mary looks an awful lot like the nuns we have around town. I don’t think I would feel comfortable bathing with these characters, no matter how holy they may be.

  2. Katherine

    It’s an old joke, but it’s a GOOD joke!

    I hate Joseph’s hair. Is he wearing a rug? The color is all wrong for his complexion.

  3. shay

    it’s the sheep/duck that really gets me. i don’t know whether it’s hysterical or disturbing (like most of these nativities, honestly).

  4. melissa

    but…. while I cringe at the idea… I may need these. (granted, they feed the 150+ rubber duck collection…). I think there is something wrong with me. I’m sorry…

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