we come from the land of the ice and snow

A land, I might add, of oddly-proportioned creatures.

big boy?

My favorite thing about this one is how much Joseph looks like the statue outside the old Big Boy. It used to end up on the roof of the high school every year around homecoming.

big boy

Actually, that’s a lie. My favorite thing is that it makes me want to say “we must get moose and seal” in a Boris and Natasha voice. Because there’s a moose…and…oh, never mind.

12 thoughts on “we come from the land of the ice and snow

  1. Jenn

    Is that an eagle sitting on top of the igloo? I’m not a big animal person but is that their natural habitat?

    Unless it’s a vulture and then, wow, is that really creepy foreshadowing..

  2. Tracy

    I think that the little JC looks like Big Boy, too. In fact, he seems to be balancing a hamburger bun on his little forehead.

    And his name shall be called wonderful, counselor, fry cook.

  3. Di

    I am deeply disturbed about Mary & Joseph’s lack of parenting skills! They seem to be all toasty warm in their parkas and moosehide muck-a-lucks, but they don’t have a clue to put some mittens on thier poor baby!

    And why, oh why, does Joeseph wield a club. RUN, SEAL, RUN!!!!

  4. qt314159265


    I actually have one of these- well really similar….. and I like it. But then again mine does not feature Big Boy.

  5. Jeanie

    I’m trying to figure out how pregnant Mary got into the igloo, got her pants off, and gave birth. That igloo is the size of a Mallomar.

  6. Sweet Mummy

    I have this one too. My kids REALLY wanted it from our trip to Alaska and the Yukon this summer. Yes, it’s an eagle and yes there are eagles all over the north country (at least where we were in Skagway and Haines Alaska and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Yup, it’s a heart shaped window. Just adds to the weirdness. We’re kinda quirky anyway, so we like it. :-S

  7. Mollie

    My theory is that this was not designed to be a nativity set. Take away the little Jesus-in-a-manger and you’d never know that’s what it was… I think baby Jesus was an afterthought.

  8. Heidi

    What is that creature to the left of Joseph/Big Boy?? It kind of looks like a wolf that’s been reconfigured into a dressed turkey… I guess they had to eat SOMETHING, since the wise men only brought flashy, impractical gifts. (Or in this case, never showed up at all…)

  9. ecuadoriana

    I am wondering why Joseph & Mary don\’t put Lil\’ Bog Boy INSIDE the igloo to keep him away from the howling winds & the hungry sled dog? And yes, why on earth is there an eagle perched on the front door of the igloo???

    I sure as heck hope Joseph isn\’t about to club that little baby seal. He makes me a bit nervous the way he is gripping that club.

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