maybe we should just hibernate instead

The sad, sad people who brought you the depressed cat nativity have also aimed their bummer-beam at America’s Greatest Threat: the bear.

depressed beartivity

Same rigor mortis baby, same dog-angels. Perhaps the dogs were mauled by the bears? I don’t know. But I do know that somewhere out there is a nativity designer who really, really needs a hug.

9 thoughts on “maybe we should just hibernate instead

  1. Miranda

    Those expressions work just fine for the Crucifixion, but I thought the Nativity was supposed to be happy, or as happy as a woman would be immediately after giving birth in a stable.

  2. Di

    I like flipping between the depressed bears vs. kitties to do the “what’s changed” in this nativity game.

    Please, oh please, don’t do any more stiffy JC babes- way to sad for my holiday season!

  3. Katherine

    Wow, one dead baby Jesus was bad enough. Two dead Baby Jesi are more than I can deal with, even if this IS a penitential season.

    Either this designer needs a hug, or he/she needs to mainline Prozac. Pronto!

  4. Jeanie

    But you’ve got to admit the black nail polish on all the species adds a sort of goth hippitude. I just know SOMEONE has a new ankle tat under those robes.

  5. Jenn

    Celebratin’ the birth of the Christ child.. Woo?

    Clearly they are not saving a ton of money on their car insurance..

  6. Barry Rappers

    An American Christian who quotes Stephen Colbert. My faith in humanity is restored. For Christmas.

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