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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Wow. 5.6! Only the second one I've felt in 13 years of living here.

Isaac slept through it. Dennis says this is proof that he's my child, since I can sleep through anything.

gratuitous Isaac photo, dirty from crawling through chalk drawings:

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

My name is Isaac! I like to dance!

Isaac and I went to the children's service @ St. Ned's this morning. We haven't been to church for a few weeks because of blah blah blah who cares. But we went today, and tried the kid service. The fact that children were invited to wear costumes this week was a cuteness bonus.

I didn't put Isaac in his monkey costume, because I tried it yesterday and, well, that's an angry monkey:

I faked it by putting him in a pirate-related outfit with his skull and crossbones shoes. It was really warm in church so I'm glad I didn't have him in the heavy costume. We got there a bit early to hit the tail end of coffee hour for the early service, so that I could say hi to people and Isaac could show off his hugeness. He really enjoyed the service; the music is very perky and my back is destroyed from bouncing him all around while he "sang" and laughed.

Isaac made a grab for the plate of wafers when we went up for communion. He is so wiggly. Dennis' new hobbit name for him is Grouseman Wiggleshanks. He stayed happy through the whole service. It's shorter than the usual service because there's only a short kid sermon (the adult sermon happens afterwards during coffee hour while the kids are at Godly Play). I needed to get the boo home to avoid missing his magic nap window, so we didn't stay for the adult sermon. He chatted all the way home and crashed right out as soon as he hit the crib.

My baby certainly is social. He's so interested in people, and he can never stop looking around and checking everyone out. I remember the nurses commenting on that when he was in the nicu, so I think it's just the way he is. Rita and I walked over to the yarn store with him yesterday (yes, I am now in easy walking distance to my favorite yarn store...this could get expensive) and he did his whole Ambassador from Planet Adorable routine. So I am a socially awkward person with a cute and outgoing baby. I suppose I'm going to have to use this as some kind of learning experience or something. Of course, I am much like his secret service detail; necessary, since he can't drive, but pretty much background noise.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

party party party

Isaac's birthday party was so much fun! The weather was perfect, even though it was pouring yesterday. I'm so grateful to Ryan and Leigh, who took over the catering. The food was tasty, and the cake was...amazing. Seriously.

Think about all the people you know, and then think about what they would do if you said you were thinking monkey cake, and Hey! Maybe it should fling poo, just like a real monkey!

Normal person: ha ha. Ignore. Cakes do not fling things, especially feces.

Leigh: Build spring-loaded monkey arm. Cover with gum paste and frosting. Load it up with Raisinets. Cake-monkeys poop Raisinets, fyi. But everyone knows that.

Poo-Flinging Monkey Cake. I think most phrases are funny when you precede them with the words, "Nothing says love like" This is especially true in this case. Nothing says love like Poo-Flinging Monkey Cake.

It tasted great, too. I'm sure Leigh is working on a full writeup with detail photos (like the one for our wedding cake), and I'll post a link when that's ready. The inside was very moist chocolate cake. We strapped Isaac into his booster chair and let him have at it.

First, he flipped the cake off its small orange paper plate and onto his tray. The cake was ignored while he enjoyed the pretty plate. Flip, flip, gnaw gnaw, ignore cake, touch ground next to chair, ignore cake.

Eventually, cake was discovered.

Cake good.

There was cake on the back of his head, too. Not sure how that happened. He was very happy, at least until we came at him with the baby wipes.

Since the monkey arm wasn't especially edible, the cake was cut away around the intact arm. Eventually mechanism was visible and it looked like something out of the Terminator. We're hoping it won't grow a new monkey.

Rita ordered custom M&Ms with his name and First Birthday on them, and they were adorable favors. I also had little rubber ducks with birthday hats (Isaac enjoyed his in the bath tonight), and Dennis made a mix CD of kid-friendly music.

I taped three 1-lb boxes of baking soda together (with a bit of cardboard between them for extra length) to make a block that was 15" long and 3lbs, just like Isaac, and wrapped it up and labeled it with his birth stats. It was so tiny!

He had a good time, and loved having everyone sing Happy Birthday to him. Hooray for the first year!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

party like it's Isaac's birthday!

Happy birthday, Isaac!

Here's our guy in his birthday hat:

I stayed up stupidly late to finish it. I just got it into my head that I had to make one, to follow up on the one from his first month.

His big present, besides getting a visit from Tennessee Grandma this weekend, was a Retro Rocket.

He loves the buttons and the sounds and lights, and eventually he'll be big enough to ride it.

I freaked myself out a bit when I realized that the ice cream cake I took into work today (I figure his first birthday is a good reason for me to celebrate, too) weighed more than three pounds, so more than Isaac weighed a year ago. I can't really remember what he felt like then, not with all the hamhock baby legs and chubby baby arms at our house. I think I'm going to get a couple of three-pound bags of something to have at his birthday party, just to enjoy the contrast.

I'm happy to report that the day was Lionel Richie-free, unlike a year ago.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I hear there's whining on the internets.

You know what really doesn't make moving go more smoothly? Sick husband. You know what is even less helpful, plus makes you cry? Sick baby. We had both this weekend. Poor guys. It's that same stupid cold I had a week ago. It's the sickest Isaac has ever been, and I took him to the dr. yesterday because I am a panicky parent to get his ears and lungs checked out and he's fine. He was very social and perky for the nurse, trying to roll out of the scale (17lbs 13oz) and playing with the crinkly paper on the exam table. Then the dr. came in and started poking at him and that killed the happy. Actually, the end of happy was less about the poking than the not letting the baby have the instruments of poking. Now how will he ever know what a stethoscope tastes like? Life is so frustrating for Isaac lately, we don't let him have ANYTHING cool.

Despite that, I still made much kitchen progress this weekend. Rita actually came back on Saturday, even after meeting the scary cabinet last week. The worst thing this time was a slightly furry cabinet top. Vintage dust bunnies! I've removed all the cabinet doors and most of the door hardware (wrenching off the old painted-on hinges with vise-grips was a bit more satisfying than it should have been), the ceiling is painted, and the first coat of North Shore is up above the beadboard wainscoting (Dennis: the what?), which has been primed.

Sara's Bonus DIY Tip: When you're working with primer, it's important to wash it off your skin sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you will look like...well, like me. Me with the splotchy white hands/arms/legs. If I cared more, I could probably get more of it off with paint thinner, but since I'm not finished priming, I'll hold off on the chemical warfare on my skin for a few days.

So, anyway, the movers come on Friday morning, and we're so not prepared for that, and I'm going to have to bust my ass just to get the kitchen finished before then, and leave the living room, laundry room, and bathroom for after we move in. I'm taking part of Thursday and all of Friday off from work. Oh, and my actual job is kicking my hinder this week, too, although at least one project's deadline has slipped until later this month.

My mom arrives a week from Thursday for Isaac's birthday festivities, and uh, Mom? Bring painting shoes.

The birthday party is probably going to be a few steps less fabulous than it would have been under normal circumstances. It will still be fun, though. What do you really need besides a baby, a tarp, and some cake (and Ryan and Leigh are doing the cake, so it can't help but rock!)? Everything else can be fixed with a Costco/Trader Joe's run the morning of the party. We have a park space reserved, with a building as a rain backup, which means it won't rain, right?

I'm torn between wishing this week would be over, and wishing it would pick up a couple of extra days so I have a chance in hell of finishing something.

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