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Saturday, January 22, 2005

weekend update

Narrrgh. I think my decision that I was Pretty! Much! Better! and could resume my usual schedule was a bit premature. I tried to put in more hours at work this week than I probably should have. I made it through skool today, but left after my last class and didn't stay for services or tonight's community dinner. I am beat.

Unfortunately, I don't actually get to take it easy for the next week, since I have more skool tomorrow, and then the icing on the suck cake is that St. Ned's annual meeting is Friday night. I have barely started putting the annual report together, so my life is going to be way too intense from now until Saturday, when I intend to collapse in a heap.

I had two new classes today. Homiletics, aka preaching, and Introduction to Theological Reflection. I have to put together a six-minute sermon before the next skool weekend. Massive mindfuckery, here I come. If I can turn it into theological mindfuckery, perhaps I can make it work for the other class, too. I am all about the multi-tasking.

I think I got a subtle (sort of) smackdown in my Liturgics class re: talking too much. So I am going to try to shut up. Seems like a good plan. Also moderately unlikely.

The Christmas tree is still up, because I haven't had the energy to deal with it. If it goes any longer, I'm going to throw beads on it and call it a Mardi Gras tree. Although the thought of the elf heads saying, "show us your boobs!" in high-pitched elf voices...kind of creepy.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

'cause I'm the tax man

Just a reminder that there's at least one good thing about being poor: e-file your taxes for free if you meet the (lack of) income requirements. Although it looks like this year, anyone can qualify for some programs. Free is good!
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