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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Sick! Again!

Grrrrrrr. I think it's my annual bronchitis go-round. I have a brutal cough and a serious phone-sex voice. And my brain isn't really working very well.

We had a great Thanksgiving, which involved Chinese food, pajamas, The 40 Most Awful Metal Songs on VH1, and general laying-about. Dennis is now deep in Retail Hell, so I'm glad we didn't have a lot of stress on his one day off.

Today I'm hanging out with the kitty, coughing, and offloading old Joan of Arcadia episodes from the TiVo to videotape. I have my schoolbooks nearby in case my brain kicks in and I can crank out some papers, but mostly I'm just useless.

I didn't manage to fully observe Buy Nothing Day yesterday, because I needed gas to get to Ryan's house, where we watched MST3K and worked on projects and ate really tasty Thanksgiving leftovers. When Sarah posts the recipe for Heart Attack Broccoli, which she has promised to do, you must make a note of it. It involves Velveeta and Ritz crackers, but in a good way.
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Monday, November 22, 2004

Does this make me look fat? Or just dorky?

Hilarity: The KFS Sweater Project. This is why you should clean out your closets regularly.
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