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Saturday, October 02, 2004

tick tick tick tick tick

Today was the first birthday party for the fairy godchild and her friend who is three days younger than she is. BabyK was appropriately adorable and was walking all over the place. She wore a dress and bloomers I made this summer. It was the rough draft for her baptism dress (which I still don't have a photo of, sorry!), done in cotton from the clearance table at fabric hell, plus a whole bunch of yellow rickrack. It has a huge skirt (90" diameter - I actually cut down the baptism dress a bit, since that is just too much fabric) so when she sat down on the ground, it puffed around her.

We had bottles of bubbles to blow at the party; she's gnawing away on the cap of hers in the photos. She has seven little teeth, and I love it when she gives me the full-tooth crinkle-nose smile.

She didn't go psycho on her little birthday cake, but her friend did. His cake was completely demolished, and he was Mr. Frosting. It was brilliant.

I finally got some kitchen photos up at sewgeeky (translation: I finally remembered where I left the camera).
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Thursday, September 30, 2004

ooh, look, God takes PayPal!

Of course that thing I posted yesterday is drawing all manner of afterlife products to my attention.

I really thought that God would know something about good html and site design, but it turns out that is not the case. Anyway, He is now offering to write personal letters for $4.95 on the site Direct from God.

I've seen Jesus Insertion Technology before, in which your loved one is photoshopped into heaven. As seen in Pets We Love and Heavenly Images. I thought it might help me, so here is Larry the iPod in heaven.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

babies and frosting

We celebrated the fairy godchild's first birthday at the parish dinner tonight. Here she is enjoying her purple-frosted cupcake:

Sometimes I wish I worked at one of those huge, well-funded megachurches. Well, not really, because they would probably want me to be more professional and not say fuck so much, but I could really go for some good plumbing right about now. Let's just say that I wield a plumbing snake and a plunger...for Jesus!

There is water backing up in the kitchen and the bathroom, because our plumbing is made of tablestraws held together with chewing gum. No, wait, that's the electrical system. I think the plumbing involves Legos somehow. Anyway, it's late, they can't do the dishes from the dinner because of the plumbing problems, my lameass attempts to fix it have been useless, and I can't get anyone here until tomorrow afternoon to deal with it. And this is the second time it has happened this month, so there's something major going on. Feh.

Hey, who wants to help me name the new iPod?
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merry christmas from hell

Ewwwww. I got a Jesus Crap catalog at work today with this terrifying Christmas ornament in it:

It can be engraved on the back with someone's name and their...waddya call it...life years?

Maybe there is someone out there who would be comforted by this. If so, have at it. For me, though, I will just say that if my name ever ends up on one of these things, someone is getting SUCH a haunting.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Tuesday. Tuesday. Suntan Tuesday Taylor.

Ach. I feel lousy today. I asked too much of my body lately, and it is giving me a rather nasty message about not doing that any more.

Saturday was deeply productive! We now have a 'dining room' with a 'rug' instead of a 'big honking pile of boxes and dust buffalo' and I put down a rug in the living room as well. Flinging furniture around to do that, after working on those boxes all day, was not one of the things that made my back happy.

On Sunday, we went out to breakfast after church, to the place with the good Swedish pancakes (it's like an IKEA in my mouth!), to celebrate Ryan turning 30. Her Logan's Run-theme party is this weekend. Carousel! Renew! Renew!

Last night, Dennis and I went to a club to see Patton Oswalt. When you picture 'comedy show' you tend to think of people sitting at tables, drinking things. Nope. The place was set up like a rock show, with limited seating. Seating we did not get, because we were on the guest list and getting in was kind of a hassle. So we stood for a couple of hours and it made no sense. Did we need the space to dance? Were we suddenly going to break into a frenzy and hold lighters aloft and yell, WOOOOOOoooOOOOOOO!!! Observational Humor!! Freeeeebird!? Well, no. Still, it was fun to be on a date with Dennis, the show was frequently hilarious, and my back will feel better eventually.

Larry the iPod's carcass is currently on eBay and will recoup a good chunk of the price of the green mini iPod which Amazon will bring me soon. Yes, it is all about the cute. I have no superpowers against the cute and green.
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