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Thursday, September 23, 2004


My mood has lifted quite a bit, even with the death of Larry the iPod. Larry is going to be replaced with Larry 2, a green mini iPod, next week thanks to my relationship with Audible.com. I'm getting $100 off since I subscribe. So, new bookcases will wait a bit longer.

Lots of good stuff happening. The fairy godchild turns one next week, and is starting to get the whole walking thing down. She's still got kind of a zombie-esque lurching quality, but last night she walked to me and it was the best thing ever. I've almost finished knitting her little sweater, too. I'm looking forward to her birthday party, which will be the classic 'strip the baby down and give her cake and watch the hilarity that ensues' frosting fest.

I've been a bit frazzled about the state of our apartment, but Ryan is going to come over and Drill Sargeant on Saturday afternoon so that I can do a massive de-cluttering. That's going to feel pretty freaking good. For example, if you looked at my sewing area, you might think that I was still working on my wedding dress (May 15) or the fairy godchild's baptism dress (August 1) and neither of those things is even vaguely true. So I need to go through and decide what scraps are big enough to still be considered fabric, and pack them in the fabric stash boxes, and then toss the rest. That will be sweet.

The kitchen is actually looking pretty decent. It has found Jesus. Or, more precisely, I finally got all of my wall crosses hung up in there, around the Mr. Roboto water heater. I put magnets on the backs of a bunch of Mexican tin cross and church ornaments, and have them on the water heater, which looks pretty good. I finished the Virgin of Guadalupe fabric curtain and it is covering the space below the sink formerly known as the Slug Den. I am hoping to get the window curtains done this weekend. Also, no new mushrooms have appeared.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

and to dust you shall return


I've been giving CPR to Larry the iPod for the past couple of hours, and it's not working. He's dead.

Machines hate me today.
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Monday, September 20, 2004


Long weekend of Skool for Geekons. I've decided that a geek deacon is a geekon.

CDSP, the seminary where skool is held, has a Smart Classroom. It's smart in a retro way, like old movies about the future that are set in 1986. It has an integrated projection system which is connected to a computer in the corner, for powerpoint or whatever. We had a slideshow in class on Saturday, and at the end, the instructor left up the final slide and sat on the table in front of the screen to lead a really good class discussion. Meanwhile, half her face was getting hit with the projector, turning it purple. It was like talking to a Batman villain.

I'm putting a fork in my bag next time, so that I can jab it into my thigh and stay awake in the class after lunch. Lunch + warm room + three hours of the old testament = lethargy.

I realized this weekend that I'm actually looking forward to taking homiletics and learning how to preach. That starts next semester. For someone who used to throw up before (and, in one bad episode, almost during) oral reports in college, this is a huge thing.

I'm having a hard time letting go of Godly Play. I just can't do it this year, since I'm gone every third weekend. I miss it. Last Sunday was the kickoff and it was hard being away at skool.

I'm hovering on the edge of something which might be exhaustion, might be depression, might just be a case of the Fuck-Its. I need to rest. Or else I might start sounding like this.
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