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Thursday, August 19, 2004

organs are fun

Thanks to the alert reader who spotted another liver mug on ebay, I now know that it was made to promote Actos, a medication for diabetes. If you search on Actos, you will find all manner of organ-related goodies. There were at least seven mugs:

I'm now reminding myself that I don't need a beanbag pancreas. Not even a little bit.
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in which Sara talks about her breakfast

I noticed yesterday that I have a wedding ring tanline. Heh. I can't believe it's been three months already.

I'm kind of out of it today because the dog was in Pacing Mode last night, and didn't calm down until after 2:00. There's usually one night like this whenever I take care of her, so it's not unexpected, just tiring. I treated myself to a yummy breakfast of lox cream cheese with a tiny bit of bagel this morning.

Oh, shit, I've become someone who blogs about what she eats, and it's not even interesting stuff.

Mostly I'm just freaking out about starting skool, which is possibly even less interesting than hearing about what I had for breakfast. I have orientation on Saturday. Spouses are invited, so Dennis is going to come along until he has to leave for work. He's letting me frame it as, "hey, won't this be interesting for you, to hear all about what I'll be doing!" but we both know that he's there to keep me from bolting out of the room. God is scaring me lately. It's one thing to be sort of dicking around with one's calling and feeling all special, as I have been for the past however many years, and another thing entirely to actually go to the school cafeteria and get a bunch of papers and a festive binder which seem to indicate that you're actually doing something about it.
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Monday, August 16, 2004

dance, little children, dance

A/V Fest on Saturday was deeply fun. You can read all about the food over on Braisin' Hussy. It was So. Freaking. Good. Especially the lime/basil syrup, which was mixed with sparkling water to make the Oddly Refreshing Drink. I also think that the liver mug may have a future as a serving dish for that liver mousse she made.

We watched selections from a collection of old mental hygiene movies from the 50s, which came from Something Weird Video. I'm not sure if I really learned anything, except that girls in tight plaid pants probably have syphilis. There was also one about a girl who reads the Diary of Anne Frank and then starts acting like she's Jewish and gets shunned by her friends, but I'm not totally clear on what the Very Important Lesson is there. There was another film with a terrifying ventriloquist dummy warning us about...something...but oddly not warning us that ventriloquist dummies are REALLY DEEPLY DISTURBING when they're dressed up like cops.

I highly recommend the excellent book, Mental Hygiene: Classroom Films 1945-1970 for anyone who enjoys this sort of thing as much as I do.

The filmstrip lamps turned out great. I especially liked Ryan's. She used a filmstrip series about pregnancy, which featured odd little cartoon drawings which made absolutely no sense without narration. We made up our own captions. "You currently have a Virginia ham and two sausages inside you." "Don't have sex while riding a horse when you're pregnant." "Ice cream makes you throw up" It's quite brilliant.

My life would really suck if I didn't have such amazingly cool people around me.
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you kiss your wife with that mouth?

I'm taking care of my friend's place and their dog for the rest of August. Dennis came over this weekend to hang out with me, and, as always, the dog was delighted to have him there, because I'm ok, but Dennis is the Man. He's better than walkies and a whole package of cheese, and this is a dog who really likes her cheese.

He has a way with kids and dogs. They just love him.
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