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Friday, June 04, 2004

I'm happy...yet I'm aware of the ironic ramifications of my happiness.

Thing I learned today: it is possible to get a full-size ironing board into a beetle. You just won't enjoy it very much.

Actually, I'm deeply excited about the ironing board, excuse me, Ironing Station. It's deeply swanky, and I got it at Big Lots for less than half what Amazon wants for it. Understand, I sewed my wedding dress using only a 12x18" quilter's pressing mat, so this is a huge step up, and especially welcome considering that I have many many projects in my head right now.

Still, it's a little amusing that the things that have excited me most in the past week are a new refrigerator and a new ironing board. Gah. Am I a 50s wife all of a sudden?

Actually, the most exciting thing is that my balance is slowly returning to normal. I had a couple of wacky-shack moments today, but they passed pretty quickly. I'm still tired all the time, though, and my Saturday plans are probably too ambitious, in that they involve completely organizing the apartment.

A couple of blogs which have been entertaining me this week: One Good Thing and the rediscovered Mimi Smartypants. You know how sometimes you just forget about a great blog for a while, and then you're at home, sick with the swirlies and all you can do is sit very still at the computer and look through old bookmarks and you rediscover it and lose three hours reading the archives? There should be a word for that.

Image swiped from the fabulous Anne Taintor. Ryan has it as a magnet, and it makes me laugh.
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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

whining whining whining

Dennis seems better today; I don't think he had what I have after all. I have Labyrinthitis, which I'm pointing out just because it's fun to say, AND because it's the kind of thing you can invent other meanings for. Such as, I just watched all of David Bowie's movies from the 80s and now I have Labyrinthitis.

It's less fun than watching weird muppets, though. It's an inflammation of the inner ear, probably caused by my allergies, which will maybe go away at some point in the next couple of WEEKS. I have a prescription for an anti-vertigo pill, but it makes me sleepy and is only really useful at night. Not that skipping the part where I turn over in bed and wake up with the room spinning isn't welcome, of course. I've slept on the sofa for the past few nights just because it keeps me from moving around so much.

I'm managing to work today, because I'm pretty much ok if I don't make any dramatic head movements, such as standing up. Standing up is not one of my favorite activities right now. Sitting at the computer is not so bad, which is why I forget about standing up slooowly. Wheee, there goes the room again.
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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

we are sick

I started feeling lousy late Saturday, and by Sunday, lifting my head caused the room to spin. Major vertigo.

Now Dennis has it, too, and of course it's going a bit worse for him, because that seems to be the way of it for the second person who gets sick. I'm glad I'm mostly past the nausea part, since we only have one bathroom.

I'm going to the doctor this afternoon.
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