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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Lord, Help Me To Avoid Being Too Busy For You

Dear Lord, all you ask of me is a simple "yes," a simple act of trust, so that your choices for me can bear fruit in my life. I do not want you to pass me by. I do not want to be so busy with my way of living, my plans and projects, my relatives, friends, and acquaintances, that I do not even notice that you are with me, closer to me than anyone else. I do not want to be blind to the living gestures that come from your hands, not deaf to the caring words that come from your mouth. I want to see you as you walk with me and hear you as you speak to me. Amen. (Henri Nouwen)
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The Onion | Jesus 'Really Dreading' This Next Birthday

Heh. New from a fine Christmas edition of The Onion: Jesus 'Really Dreading' This Next Birthday

"I remember when I turned 1,000, I was really excited," said Christ. "A bunch of the apostles threw a big surprise party for me at the Sea of Galilee, and it was such a great time—I don't even want to tell you how much water we turned into wine that night. But once I turned 1,000, each birthday sort of became less and less of a big deal. It's like, once you're a thousandsomething, you don't even get so excited about birthdays anymore. The past few hundred birthdays, I've generally celebrated by just going out to dinner with a good friend or something mellow like that."
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Sunday, December 21, 2003

stop drop and roll

I subbed in the 5 & 6s Godly Play classroom this morning. I managed to tell the big huge Advent story, although it was sort of a Readers Digest Condensed Version and I know I left some things out. I felt really lousy this morning. After much buildup and anticipation, I am finally getting sick. Everyone is sick at St. Ned's, so it was only a matter of time.

All the kids really wanted was for me to light the Advent candles so they could fight over the candle snuffer and put them all out ('change the light' in the vernacular - the light isn't gone, it's just spread out more). There were five candles today (the four Advent ones plus the Christ candle, since the kids won't be back until January) and I really thought we were going to have at least one child flambé, but it all worked out.

I've been working on my Christmas projects, but, seriously, a lot of people are getting Epiphany presents, because being sick isn't going to help me get things done. I had a major freakout on Friday because it turns out my sewing machine software won't run on XP, which means I can't write embroidery designs from my computer onto the little card that sticks in my sewing machine. I have an ancient version of the insanely expensive Husqvarna Viking software that I use for writing designs to the cards, and I use a really good, cheaper third party program for editing them. This has been fine until now, but of course I had to upgrade to XP to make Larry the iPod happy, and now the sewing machine hates me. I know, this is such a first-world problem.

My short-term solution was to borrow an old computer which is running Win98 on its cute little P133 processor, and set that up with the software and the card reader/writer. So at least I can finish my projects.
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