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Thursday, November 06, 2003

pointless pixels

Ok, this is fun: Church Sign Generator

St. Ned's doesn't have that kind of sign. Probably a good thing.
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if your cup is full may it be again

My life just feels so much more spacious this week. Could be the lack of a second job, could be the fact that St. Ned's Operation Keep Sara Sane seems to be working. Having more help in the office is making a huge difference. A lot of that tight, panicked feeling that was in my chest for most of October is gone.

Leigh is flying back to the east coast next week. The amazing thing is that she is leaving her newish pickup truck behind until next spring, and is letting Dennis drive it while she's gone. The reason this is amazing is not just that it's a wonderful thing to do, but that his lack of a car was really getting to be a Thing a month or so ago. Since he and I live 50 miles apart, with inadequate public transportation options, especially on the weekend (no one rides CalTrain on the weekend, we'll just shut it down on Saturday and Sunday for two years, no biggie), getting my car to him so that he could use it when he needed to was a significant burden on both of us. Now, that problem is gone, and we have plenty of time to work on a longer-term solution.

So that makes, what, three incredibly huge, seemingly overwhelming issues solved? Second job - check. Feeling overwhelmed at St. Ned's - check. Friction over car issues - check. Number of these Problems which were solved by worrying about them incessantly...um, can we talk about something else now?

Seriously, I need to be taking notes here. Hey, Sara, things work out. Shit gets better. God's got your back. Get your head out of your tiny little world and look up once in a while, darlin - there's good stuff happening all around.

I'm taking Friday off; Dennis has the day off, too, and it's just been so long since we've had a full day to spend together doing very little. We're going to see the new Matrix at some point in the afternoon, but other than that, the time is just open. Much lazing about will happen. The moose pants will be making an appearance. I promise not to wear them to the movie.
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Monday, November 03, 2003

sugar high

On Sunday we did our annual Candy Tithe - all the kids at St. Ned's are asked to bring in 10% of their trick-or-treat proceeds to mark the end of Stewardship Month. They get to bring it up and put it on the altar.

I guess they really do get the concept, since they don't just bring in all the candy no one likes. Tithing only Bit-o-Honeys and Almond Joys would kind of miss the point.

No, the staff doesn't get to eat it. We send it to the diocese's mission in San Jose, which has a food bank and lots of programs for kids. Of course, people who forgot to bring their candy on Sunday will be dropping it off at the office all week, and my standard line is, if there are SweeTarts in there, I don't want to know about it. I freakin' love SweeTarts.
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