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Saturday, October 25, 2003


So, if you're making a movie about Jesus and people keep getting hit by lightning, is that a bad thing?
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From WBEZ in Chicago...

If you're a fan of This American Life on NPR (and if you're not, you should be!), they're doing a special pledge drive to help pay for the RealAudio stream on their website. Although I subscribe to TAL via Audible (so that I can hear it on my mp3 player in my car) I still pledged 15 bucks because it is the right thing to do and because they're sending me a super cool flaming squirrel patch. To understand the squirrel patch, go to the website and listen to show #115.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

state of the Sara

I'm being happy about Dennis' new job; I'm feeling cranky about both of my jobs; I'm thinking that working seven days a week is not sustainable; I'm being in need of a corkscrew because one of my roommates finally finished moving out and took hers and it was a nice one and now we have one that's like a nail on a stick; I'm being impressed that Oakland said no to Wal-Mart; I'm laughing over this ebay auction (hope the listing doesn't expire); I'm loving the b-movie purses; I'm feeling a little nervous about going back to teaching Godly Play in a week and a half when my rotation comes up again; I'm feeling sad that Elliott Smith is dead; I'm thinking that Kaya is a fabulous baby after knowing her for three weeks; I'm experiencing a crappy patch in my prayer life (in the words of Over the Rhine - when I try to pray, it's like a game of Red Rover; I take a real good run at it but I can't break through) and I'd like that to be over at some point because I suspect it's directly linked to some really stupid self-absorption that is keeping me from seeing solutions to many things; I'm realizing that Dennis is a wonderful boyfriend, not that I ever forgot that, but he's been especially great lately; I'm panicking because I haven't been doing much sewing and I'm very behind on the nieces' Halloween costumes; I'm feeling happy that I got my pledge card in; I'm loving Tomato Nation; I'm wondering what my trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving is going to be like; I'm wanting to curl up and have a nice nap.

[edit: alert reader Mia sent me this photoshop wonder of a corkscrew. Eeek! There are some really cool images on that site!]
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if you cut the cake, does it not bleed?

Hey, it's almost Halloween, and that means bleedycake!

Leigh, bleedycake artiste to the stars, is on her way back to the bay area and will be here in a few days (yay!) but I don't know if that means bleedycake this year or not. She's driving here from New York and that's kind of a long way. On the other hand, what better way to occupy your mind as you drive across the country than to imagine delicious new ways of making cakes bleed?

I am very excited that Leigh is coming back!
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