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Tuesday, October 07, 2003


Yes, I live in California. I voted, and not for what we're getting.

I turned off the TV when I heard a commentator say, "when he gets to work it's going to be Terminator 4!" - without a shred of irony.
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Monday, October 06, 2003

Cough Cough. Cough Cough. All you do to me is cough cough.

sincerest apologies to the band Talk Talk

Still sick. Whee. I thought I was going to fall asleep in staff meeting this morning. I slept really badly last night. I'm a big cranky phlegm monster.

I have nothing intelligent to say, so I will send everyone over to Real Live Preacher. Sorry if your monitor gets blurry.

The Creator says, “You might never call my name, or you might call me every name in the book. You may search for me all of your life, or you may never give me a second thought, but you WILL know how I felt on the day I made you.”

“You might deny my existence, but you will never be able to deny the mark of my palm on your soft hearts. Your hearts will rise up and call you blessed.”

“Your hearts will tell you who you are, and whose you are.”

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Sunday, October 05, 2003


I have a cold. Stupid cold. I just got back from Safeway with nice tissues with lotion in them, because my nose is getting abraded, and my current supply will not last the night.

I got through Godly Play this morning; overall, it went pretty well, even though I really just wanted to take a nap. Afterwards, some people tried to talk to me, but I think my glassy-eyed stare put them off a bit. I wanted to go to the 5:00 service tonight, but figured it was best to keep my cooties off the communion chalice. Also, baby Kaya will be there and it would suck to have to keep away from her. Oh, and I get woozy when I stand up. That last part is probably the most important.

I have an interview for a retail job tomorrow evening. Brilliant. It's not the job I most want, but they were the first ones to call me and it seems like a pleasant enough gig. It's clothes, though, clothes that don't look like ass on me. Danger.

I left my cel phone in Berkeley. Crappity. I am not well enough to go pick it up. Double crappity.
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