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Friday, September 12, 2003

insert lame pussyfooting joke here

I had a really craptacular day yesterday so I indulged in some retail therapy and bought these shoes after work. They are some of the sillier things I've owned, and I love them like a big loving thing. I got 'em at Torrid (Hot Topic for the large). Did I mention that there is a pink kitty tail on the side of the shoes?

I was at the chiro for two hours. My neck sucks. Last night it was bugging me so much, I considered using the Hitachi for its allegedly intended purpose. I have several more appointments next week. Lots of ice in my future this weekend, and not just for the margaritas (or 'Margs' if we're getting all O.C., which of course we are not) at the pirate party tomorrow night.

Also, fun Sara fact: my spine is crooked.

I'm working on a larger bit of writing right now based on a great meeting with my spiritual director this week, but it's not gelling yet. I think I'm in the Pissed Off stage of dealing with the accident, because I'm going to be losing a lot of time to chiro appointments next week, and my head hurts, and all in all I'd really be happier if that guy had just hit his brakes in time. Sigh. But looking at my kitty-licious feet is cheering me up a great deal.

Ok, off to run pirate-party-related errands! Avast!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

puny humans read blog

Today's amusement: Hulk Blog
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time for Jesus

My mom sent me the coolest clocks today. They're basic cheapass plastic clocks, and one has a painting of Jesus on it and the other has Mary. Jesus seems to be wearing a lot of blush, or maybe the color saturation is just cranked up too high. Anyway, they're fab, and will be fine additions to my tacky Jesus stuff collection. I'm so glad I have my mom shopping the flea markets of the South on my behalf.

My neck still hurts, and I have a chiro appointment on Friday. It is making me cranky. I did hear from the Other Guy's insurance company and they're taking full responsibility (duh) so hopefully I'll have my car fixed pretty soon.
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Monday, September 08, 2003

someone's whining, lord, kumbaya

Owie owie owie. My neck hurts today. Yeah, I know, that's standard the day after an accident and it should be gone by tomorrow, but I would really like to stay in bed today and have my army of personal servants apply soothing ointments and feed me diet crack and garlic noodles. Unfortunately, they are still on strike over their horrible working conditions and are not available for said duty. So I might as well go to work.
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Oh I would still be on my feet

I was underwhelmed by the exhibitors at the Art & Wine festival in general, but I really liked what I saw from this artist: jewelry for the soul. She'll do whatever custom text you want on rings and bracelets and necklaces and such. I loved the ring that says 'love is touching souls' surely you touched mine 'cause part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time...

So, there's a good question...if you could put any Joni Mitchell lyrics on a ring, what would they be...
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Sunday, September 07, 2003

thou shalt not hurt the beetle

I was driving home after church to change into comfy shoes for the Art & Wine Festival, and someone rear-ended the beetle on El Camino.

There was some confusion with the other guy not seeing me pull into a nearby parking lot after the accident, so we ended up at the police station (I called and reported a hit-and-run, and he was there saying that he had hit someone who disappeared). He was really nice, and we swapped insurance info. We both have good insurance, so I think things should go smoothly.

The damage isn't all that bad (but I'm sure I'll be appalled by the estimate, since my bumper will need to be repainted). Our bumpers matched up pretty well. I think he just has a bent license plate and a scratch. The housing for the little lights around my license plate are smashed, so there's more damage on my car and it will probably have to go to the shop for a couple of days. I have some housesitting gigs coming up, though, so maybe I'll be able to get the work done while I can drive someone else's car. Everything is still functional except those lights don't point in the right place now.

If he had been driving an SUV instead of a sedan, I'm sure it would have been much worse and I probably wouldn't have gotten out with just a serious case of the shakes.

Today has to get better, right?
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