whoo hoo! par-TAY

Doesn’t that look like a bottle in Joseph’s hand? Especially since he appears to be screaming “I SO TOTALLY ROCK!”


10 thoughts on “whoo hoo! par-TAY

  1. Katherine

    After that monstrosity yesterday, this Nativity is a pleasant relief. I like the happy feeling here. My husband had the same expression after we came home with our firstborn, too.

    PARTY ON, J & M!!!

  2. qt314159265

    It so totally looks like a bottle. Maybe something psychotropic as well, since mary seems to be in some sort of drug induced trance- dramily looking at the baby like she is starving and it is a jumbo bag of skittles……

  3. Di

    I love how Mary’s haircolor perfectly matches her frock. I wish I could achieve the same sense of fashion nirvana. That’s a mighty big bottle for Joseph to finish off- good thing he has his shepard’s hook to steady his wobbly legs!

  4. Jeanie

    Even though the lantern sort of resembles a bottle, it really looks like a clock to me. Joseph is waving the alarm clock around and grousing, “Do you see what time it is?? When is that kid gonna fall asleep? I have to get up early in the morning!” BTW, I had that same placid, benevolent smile as Mary after delivering my Kiddo 20 years ago. Of course, it was a C-section delivery, and I was IV-ing pain meds big time.

  5. Arlene

    Joseph looks more like he’s looking to the heavens and asking, “Who in the world put this baby here?” I, too, want to know why the hay in the manger is electric blue…or maybe it isn’t really hay, but “hay”, the kind that’s affecting poor Mary over there…

  6. ecuadoriana

    Joseph shouts out in glee: “Woo hoo! Baby Jesus Blueberry Popovers for dinner? I’m stayin’!”

    Mary replies: “So, I take it that you delight in my little oven bun?!”

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