Hello Bethlehem, are u ready to rock?

As I coast around the interwebs looking for these things, I have to admit to a bit of relief that some searches come up empty. Not finding viable entries for categories such as nativity bongs, patriotic nativities, nativity-on-a-stick, and cheese nativity is oddly heartwarming. Also grateful that googling ‘leather nativity’ only brings up this one. I’m a bit surprised it isn’t a band name, actually.


7 thoughts on “Hello Bethlehem, are u ready to rock?

  1. Pammie

    Now I’m scared. Not of this–well, only a little. Anything made of leather is fair game for being chewed to pieces by industrious kitties, after all. But the words ‘patriotic’ and ‘nativity’ should never, EVER have been used together–you know how suggestible some crazy people are. “And the angel said unto them, ‘God bless Murcah!'”

  2. CaTHY

    Sara, thanks for another awesome year of tacky Nativity goodness!

    My co-workers and I put this together a few weeks ago, and our graphics guy did the additional photoshop work: Star Wars Nativity. Sadly, this is not available in any store. 🙂

  3. poor_mad_peter

    Y’know, Sara, you could get some more mileage out of this whole thing if you went along to Epiphany with the Wise Men, or as my gangester alter-ego Tony calls them, “the Persian Gang”.

    They don’t get a lot of commentary,even here, but I’ll bet they’re every bit as bizarre as the rest of the frenetic nativities in their own right.

    Just a thought. Happy New Year, may your child thrive and your husband’s fee-per-word triple, and all the best to you.

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