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Friday, July 31, 2009


(only without the dance numbers)

So...yeah...let's be honest. I've been avoiding you. Nothing personal, it's just this...thing...I haven't wanted to talk about, but it's really, really hard to talk about anything else because it's all related.

However, just to get it out of the way - I am not pregnant, unemployed, divorcing, growing a tail, starring in a reality series, or under indictment.

We gots teh Autism.

Isaac is, as they say, On The Spectrum. That's pretty much all we know right now, except for the stuff we've known all along - this is one amazing little boy. His strengths far outweigh his challenges, and we've put together Team Isaac to get him tons of help. He's getting five days of his special preschool per week, plus therapy at home and at the International House of Boodles. I went there with the therapist last week, to introduce her to Isaac's wonderful daycare ladies, and they brought out all their photos of Isaac and basically gave him a ringing endorsement. It was so sweet.

So that's where we are now. We have a happy laughing boy who needs some extra help to figure some things out. He also needs to be squirted repeatedly with the garden hose, needs a haircut, and would like a few minutes alone with the vacuum cleaner, just to look at it and maybe take it apart just a little bit. He's two and he's awesome. So is his dad (awesome, not two); this whole thing is giant glittery proof that against pretty much everyone's expectations, I managed to get a really, really good man to marry me and knock me up.

We've also had to quickly grow into the Isaac's Advocates costumes because, at least at the beginning of the process of getting evals, etc., nothing happens without pushing and cajoling and sending light-but-pointed emails. Good thing I'm so fucking charming.

The hardest thing so far has just been staying in the moment and remembering that we have zero idea how this will turn out. I mean, this is the guy who couldn't walk more than a few steps on his own at the beginning of the year, and now he runs everywhere. So what the hell do I know about the future? That would be: nothing. Same as always.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Here are a few of my recent projects around the house. A big chunk of our living room is basically Isaac's play area; his train table is there and there are Ikea Expedit units to hold his toys, along with a bin system for the little things I'm always stepping on. So we're not exactly talking about a sophisticated environment.

A while ago, I started buying vintage children's puzzles from the 50s-70s. I love the colors and the graphics. Isaac is a puzzle enthusiast of the highest order, but he gets more modern versions, at least for now. So to show off the collection, I glued the pieces in and put hangers on the back and made a puzzle wall.

Not all of the puzzles I've bought are 100% awesome; in cases where there are missing pieces or the puzzle is just blah, I've reused the pieces by putting magnets on the back. My fridge is so festive!

This is the door from the living room to Isaac's room. The door of SCIENCE! It's covered in game boards and the covers of science and space books. It's still in progress, I need a few more books to fill in at the bottom.

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

I know, I know...I don't call, I don't write.

I honestly don't know what has happened to the last two months; I've
been so busy and distracted that I completely missed them.

Work has been insane for both me and Dennis; it's all good and interesting but I'm having a hard time managing my anxiety level a lot of the time. I need to get better at stepping away and putting it all in a little box for the next day.

My reward for managing to get away from my computer is that when I get home, Isaac does his little Mama Is Home Dance, which pretty much involves running in circles and smiling and leading me around by the hand. It's awesome. I love it.

We're still very pleased with Isaac's new preschool program, and he's going to get his services increased over the next few weeks to include some one-on-one work. He's still not talking much, but he's communicating more, so there is progress.

He's a very busy guy, and oh so fast. We had our first visit to Radiology last weekend, for a series of leg/foot x-rays after a furniture-climbing incident ended in an awkward dismount. Fortunately, there wasn't a fracture and he was running again within a few days. Crazy monkey. He's definitely a Climber. We're living a more minimalist lifestyle at the moment, to cut down on opportunities for him to climb up furniture. Of course, part of me is secretly delighted to see him working out intricate plans involving (quietly) bringing his low push-wagon over to the kitchen counter, then (quietly) putting his floor drum inside that and climbing on top. Obviously, the delight kicks in after I have removed him from the HORRIBLE ROLLING SAFETY HAZARD. There's a Wile E. Coyote quality to his scheming. I'm on the lookout for deliveries from ACME.

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