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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Most weekends, we take a walk downtown. Isaac is always especially interested in a big clock on the plaza, which has a kinetic sculpture in its base that sends balls down a track to ring the chimes. There's a photo of it in the previous post. It's pretty cool.

He always does a thorough inspection to see if they have added an On switch for him. Today we were right there at 4:00 and saw the whole sequence, which is rather impressive. Isaac just tried to take it all in.

Afterward, he grabbed Dennis' hand and pulled it towards the glass. We are very familiar with this gesture, which means, "Please, dear parent, would you be so kind as to repeat/turn on/move this thing for me? Thank you ever so much." He seemed very confused when we couldn't make it go again. I suspect he thinks we're just holding out on him.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

like a blog post, but more boring

Look at the happy boy! Almost makes you forget that I have totally lost the will to blog lately, right?

As you can see, we officially have a Boy Who Walks. We have more boy than ever following a recent growth spurt, and I finally got around to retiring almost all of his 18-month size clothes this weekend.

Talking is coming along albeit a bit more slowly. We changed insurance in January so we've been in referral limbo but he has a bunch of appointments next month to get his hearing checked and see the developmental specialist.

We lasted in the developmental preschool for about two weeks. That exact program was selected for us using such scientific methods as "who has an immediate opening" and it turned out to be a bad fit. Our service coordinator will call when there's another opening somewhere else, and we'll decide what to do then.

It's been an exhausting year so far, but damn that's an awesome kid we've got. He's so unrelentingly happy and enthusiastic about everything. He loves to sing and bounce and spin around and around until he gets dizzy and falls over giggling. It's fun to be Isaac!

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