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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

vote for meeeeee!

I've been doing things. With spray paint. Things like turning Isaac's diaper pail into DiaperBot, the diaper-eating robot.

You can see it at the Rustoleum website, where I entered it in a contest. The voting part is over, and I'm in the lead. Yay! The rules aren't all that clear about what that actually means, though. The judges could pick one of the other projects, even though none of those projects eat diapers.

DiaperBot is the latest upgrade to his room. Another project I did recently: robot hooks!

They're wooden stacking robots, glued to a flat cabinet knob and mounted onto his door with hanging bolts. I'm really happy with them.

The ever-expanding wall of framed randomness:

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

that's a lot of sequins you're wearing.

I've been pretty creative/productive lately, which is fabulous. I'll have some good project photos soon, I hope.

Anyway, it's gotten me thinking about some of the other craft projects of my life, and in particular I'm wondering how universal one of my late-70s obsessions was.

I'm speaking of Li'l Missy doll kits. They were a box with a styrofoam body, a plastic head on a stick, and a bunch of sequins/ribbon/doo-dads to pin or glue on. The arms were made of elegant bumpy chenille (fat pipe cleaners) with tiny little plastic hands glued to the ends, perhaps foreshadowing some of the worst prom dress sleeve trends of the 1980s. The result looked like the third runner-up of the ballgown competition segment of the Miss Sequin Pageant. Of course, to my eight-year-old self...magic. Freaking magic.

We got them at Lee Wards craft store, the Michaels before there was a Michaels. I had a catalog showing all the designs, with check marks next to the ones I had already done and stars next to the ones I hoped Lee Wards would sell at some point. There was an ice queen one that never showed up, which made me mad because it involved fake fur and I really, really wanted to get my hands on that.

I'm feeling vaguely nostalgic for sequins and beads now. I may have to make Christmas ornaments or something.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

NOT brought to you by the letter Q

I went to a big children's consignment sale with Ryan and Nathan on Saturday and scored a ton of Little People toys for Isaac. Garbage truck! Bulldozer! Race car! Construction zone! And more that I can't even think of right now. I now have a Little People police officer, a construction worker, and a farmer who could pass for a cowboy...I think this means I am halfway to the Little Village People. Note to self: go to Fisher Price website and see if there is a leatherman.

Of course, these are all the new-style Little People, which are made of plastic and have arms and feet, unlike REAL little people, which are just wooden blobs with plastic hair. (Aren't those notecards adorable? I freaking love Etsy.). I've considered trying to put together a collection of the vintage stuff for Isaac, but things like "reality" and "Sara doesn't need another stupid ebay obsession" are getting in the way.

I'm putting most of the toys away for his birthday and Christmas, to avoid overload. I let him have this awesome wagon right away, though. Dennis and I have spent the weekend pushing him around in it. Here, he's getting the last ride of the day, to the bathtub. His favorite bathtub toy right now is foam letters that stick to the side of the tub. He likes all the letters, except Q. His first task is to find the Q and exile it to the edge of the tub. I don't know what Q did to piss him off, but clearly Q sucks.

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