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Thursday, July 10, 2008


I really, really liked being on vacation last week. I didn't go anywhere, but my parents came to visit and we were oh so productive. In between lavishing attention on Isaac, we completed several projects. We're now fully moved in to the newly-painted parts of the kitchen. My mom brought all of my stored dishes in from the garage and washed them and put them away, after putting in shelf paper. It's quite spiffy. Go mom!

It was probably the best visit I've ever had with them. It has to be some kind of milestone when you can spend a week with your parents and still feel like a functional adult, right?

Of course, living so far from my parents, I forget things about them. Then those little details come back to surprise me. For example...my mom, well, she loves animatronic stuffed animals. Why just have a stuffed duck in a rain slicker when you could have a stuffed duck in a rain slicker who bobs from side to side while Singing In The Rain plays from a little speaker in its butt? Like I said, I forget this. So I was surprised when they pulled The Horse from the back of the minivan. It looks like a nice stuffed rocking horse...at first. Then you squeeze its ear and it starts singing a Giddyup Li'l Cowboy song at top volume, complete with twitching tail and moving mouth. Squeezing the other ear gets you clopping sounds and whinnying. Isaac looooves it. I don't think it can actually eat his soul, but we're keeping it in my room for right now just to be sure (also it's too big for him to climb on by himself).

Isaac isn't really embracing walking; I think he's such a fast crawler now that he doesn't see any great benefit to going biped. I'm sure he'll eventually figure out that he can carry more trucks when he's upright. Ferrying trucks between the coffee table and the train table is a big part of Isaac's day. It's very serious work.

I love the Retro Renovation site, and this entry: Retro bathroom: Space for your TP and smokes, too just amuses the hell out of me. I wonder if Helen and Frank, proud owners of the nude ashtray from a few posts back, had one of these.

Like I should be saying anything about anyone's bathroom, ever. I so need to paint our little 5-by-8 foot slice of paradise-with-clawfoot. I picked up some awesome vintage chalkware mermaids for the wall at the flea market last weekend, so maybe my drive to give them an appropriate setting will inspire me to get started. Now that the kitchen is finished, I can turn my attention to some of my paint project backlog.

Overall, though, I'm feeling pretty content to just hang out with Dennis and watch Isaac push his trucks around. Vrooooom.

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