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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What an excellent weekend. I finally tackled the pantry part of the kitchen with my mighty paintbrush. To review, our funky little shack has a two-part kitchen; there's the big main room with the stove and fridge and dining table, and then there's this odd little room off that with the sink and cupboards. I managed to get the main room painted before we moved in, but the pantry has languished, sad and unpainted until this weekend.

I still have to hit one more coat of the turquoise on the walls (to review, the colors are these, with the upper cabinets in the yellow color and everything else in the turquoise) and look for touch-up spots, then paint the white trim around the door, and then I am done. Inside, at least. I have a stack of cabinet doors waiting for me out back, but my priority is getting the space back to Functional before I tackle those.

I have the fabric for the curtains for the main kitchen and the small window in the pantry:

It's a perfect match for the paint (although the yellow's looking a bit bright on my monitor). Can't wait to get going on those.

Working on this project is making me insanely happy. The truth is I haven't felt very Sara-ish lately. I've been pretty dead creatively. Some of that obviously is the depression and its accompanying lack of motivation; that's starting to lift with the new meds, and I have more energy now that I'm less gianormous (20 pounds down! w00t!). I have to pay attention to this and find more ways to do my creative thing.

I've been thinking about the time our old kitty Clyde got an infection and had to have eye drops. She got angrier each time we gave them to her, and by the end we had to give them to her while she was wrapped in a towel, with just her head sticking out.

I thought of this because last week I went to the eye doctor and got soft contacts for the first time. I've worn rigid ones for the last 20 years, but now soft lens technology has caught up with my oddly-shaped eyeballs at last. Yay! The thing is, they're way bigger than my old lenses, and I'm kind of flinchy, so it took the doctor a dozen tries per eye before he got them in. I felt like such a dork. And then I got to practice taking them out and putting them back in, and in 15 minutes I managed to get one out and put back in. Sigh. I haven't had much more luck with them at home, either. I think I may pronounce them a failure and go back to rigid gas perms.

I've mostly been wearing my glasses for the last two years; I gave up on the contacts completely when I was in the hospital and then never felt motivated to acclimate to them again. But summer is coming and it would be nice to wear sunglasses without it being all complicated, plus grabbing my glasses off my face is Isaac's idea of high comedy...it seems like a fine time to think about it.

I also have a really excellent costume project going, something for Dennis to take to High Sierra, but I'm not going to ruin his surprise by talking about it. Let's just say I bought a lot of orange checkered fabric recently.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

do empanadas want to go to the party in my tummy?

Groan. So full. Today was Celebration of Anniversary day (four years!), and we just got back from a tapas gorge-fest. Ok, it was pretty restrained as gorge-fests go, in keeping with our newfound sveltness (I'm now down a little under 16 pounds), but the dessert menu was consulted.

We took the day off work and sent Isaac to the care of the International House of Boodles as usual, and had a lunch-and-movie outing. I love going to the movies when I'm supposed to be at work. Isaac was excited when both of us arrived to pick him up, and we all went home to play with trucks and have a delightful romp in the wading pool. Dennis' mom came over after Ike went to bed so we could go out for grownup dinner.

Seriously, best anniversary ever. My husband is awesome. Wow, that first year of parenting was hard on us, but we got through it and came out better on the other end. Go us.

We're in the middle of a horrible evil no-good heat wave here, so plans for the weekend are going to be rather unambitious at best.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

if you're happy and you know it, splash your mom

Everything was coming up ISAAC today. There was plenty of sandbox time, an outing with Daddy, and we filled up his new wading pool. I think he likes it.

I asked for time to work on some projects today, so Dennis took Isaac out for trip to the playground while I happily worked on his room. I finished hanging up the rest of the glitter stars on his ceiling, and finally fixed the broken window shade that we've been fighting with for months. I almost finished sewing the curtains to cover some of the open storage in his room. So all in all, a fine day.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

sandbox o' love

Of course....we couldn't wait. We put Isaac in the sandbox when I got home from work.

He was completely delighted, even though he'd put in a long day of playing already. He immediately picked up his shovel and started scooping sand into the bucket. He'll have even more fun tomorrow when he has had some sleep.

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fun with small creatures

I guess my pajama pants are too big now; this morning, Isaac was on the kitchen floor and he wanted to stand up, so he grabbed my pants to pull himself up. And they fell right down. He was confused for a moment, but then started laughing because I was cracking up and yelling "the baby pantsed me!" to Dennis.

Note to self: finish making curtains for the kitchen.

We filled up the new sandbox last night. The cats were totally fascinated by this, and swarmed around our feet as we added bag after bag of play sand. You could see their excitement at having a Big New Litterbox with a canopy and everything. There was so much feline disappointment when I put the cover over it. Whyyyyyy?

We're going to show the sandbox to Isaac tomorrow morning. I hope he is as excited as I am!

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Bad, bad blogger.


It's been a good month, but one mostly spent all curled up in a defensive circle like a pill bug. Lots of good change happening but you know what they say about change. It sucks neon donkey balls. That's what they say.

I finally have a really really good therapist, maybe...too good. As in, I don't get to play my happy little bullshit games and pretend that everything is fine. So I'm a bit raw, but hopeful. She used to be in research and has done a lot of work on what makes people adjust or not adjust to parenthood. Most of what I've been doing is not on the YAY! list. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone listen to me describe my life and say, "Yeah, that's a lot of transition and change. You're not actually failing."

There's less of me to kick around, though. Dennis and I have made big changes with food and I've lost almost 13 pounds since the beginning of April. My blood pressure is back to normal (it never went back down all the way after Isaac was born) and I have more energy. We're rather pleased with ourselves and our too-big clothes. There's still a long way to go, but it's not this big hopeless thing anymore, and we're having fun doing it together. I'm quite mad about Dennis at the moment; we've both been working on our stupid shit lately and reducing all those friction points has made such a difference.

Isaac is slightly more awesome every day. He's so chatty and busy. He's growing; he was actually on the growth charts at his 18 month visit, and he's almost out of his 12 month shirts. He loves playing outside and getting dirty. I have to go buy many bags of play sand for his new sandbox. I have a lot to do to get the back patio how I want it for him, but my parents are coming for a visit in a few months and I'm hoping that I can exploit them for cheap labor and boy-wrangling while I work on it. In the meantime, he has a nice sandbox and an Isaac in sand is a happy Isaac.

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