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Sunday, April 06, 2008

blah blah cars blah blah

The Beetle is totaled. Me is sad. It did its job and crumpled up in the accident so I didn't have to. But it's toast now. Sad, sad toast.

I started off thinking that I would just buy Beetle III, but then I started looking at its crash ratings, and noticed that the rear-passenger side-crash ratings aren't impressive. It doesn't burst into flames or anything, but it really doesn't do as well as some of the other cars. Since my rear passenger is Isaac, I decided...eh, keep looking.

I'm picking up my new VW Rabbit tomorrow. I've really liked driving the rent-a-Jetta, and the Rabbit is just a Jetta with a hatchback. It's got safety features up the wazoo (the wazoo itself is anti-lock, anti-skid, and self-correcting), decent gas mileage, more cargo space than the Beetle, and, um, an ipod dock and butt-warmer seats. Down with the tyranny of cold asses! I'm getting the sage green, which is a dark almost-gray green. So mature.

I'm taking the day off tomorrow to deal with all the insurance paperwork and getting the new car and cleaning out the old one and taking the rental back and everything else that I wouldn't have to deal with if that guy had just stopped at the red light like a normal person.

I'm feeling a lot better; the dr. said I have a moderate case of whiplash, and it seems to be healing, although I have another appointment coming up. I still managed to have an excellent weekend.

Saturday marked the return of music class, and now Nathan is in it, so there was extra super-fun. We ROCKED Itsy-Bitsy Spider, I tell you what. In the afternoon, we had tickets to Baby Loves Disco. Isaac didn't nap that afternoon, though...until we got in the car. He was out cold when we got to the club. Sigh. He eventually woke up, but clearly wasn't into being there, so we didn't stay long. We will try again, though, because I think he would have loved it if his mood had been different. Bubble machine! Dancing! Music! Snacks!

Today was Awesome Flea Market Day. Ryan and Leigh and I hit the Alameda flea market, which was...well, it was freaking glorious. Seriously. My find of the day was a vintage toy piano in very good condition, which I haggled down to $10. Isaac was all over it as soon as I finished cleaning it.

I think he likes it:

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

hey mr. tambourine dude

More Isaac video. Playing a tambourine. In a diaper.

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