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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

mostly visual, and about knitting

My words aren't working all that well, so here are a bunch of photos.



This is Leigh's slightly-late Christmas present.

The pattern is Twist by Chic Knits, the yarn is Dream in Color's worsted weight, which goes by the unappealing name Classy. Their sock yarn is called Smooshy. That's a good name for a yarn. Classy? Really? That's the best you've got? Anyway, the yarn is gorgeous, and the pattern was a blast to knit, and Leigh really seemed to like it, so yay.

Rita and I are off to Stitches West on Friday (Rita says she feels famous when she's mentioned here, so consider this pandering). I'm blowing off work in favor of yarn shopping. Priorities! I'm feeling bleh on all my projects right now, so it might get me over my little case of knitter's block. (get it? knit? block? eh. I did, however, actually block Leigh's sweater before I sewed it up. Alert the media.)

Isaac got to visit Nathan yesterday. Nathan calls him Friend Ike-ick, which is so adorable. They played in the awesome sandbox Leigh designed and built. It has tubes and wheels and a ramp, and an adult-size bench. You really want Leigh to be your aunt. She has already made a digging apparatus for Nathan's birthday cake next month. He has the truck/construction bug soooo bad, and he's going to love that his cake has levers. It's fun to be on the highway with Ryan, because she starts to point out all the trucks we pass. Oooooh! Cement truck! And then the merciless teasing begins.

Update! I found the curtains for Isaac's room. They were in a box marked CDs in Dennis' office. I shortened them into a longish valance over his blackout shades, since the windows here are tall and narrow instead of short and wide. They look ok.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

I am a new creation; free from sin's power! So I think I'll have another slice of pie!

I thought about giving up snark for Lent, but yeah...not gonna happen.

So! Here's something bizarre. Scripture Dinnerware.

The plates have various bits of scripture around the rims. You can get different themes. This is from the Identity set.

Bread & Butter Plate: I am complete, delivered, completely forgiven! Colossians 1 & 2

See, I tend to think that anything written on my plate in the first-person voice is coming from my food. So while I'm happy that my dinner roll is complete and delivered (even though I had to get it myself), I'm not sure I need it to be forgiven. Forgive me Father, for I am delicious and full of carbs!

There's some second-person messaging in another collection, but it doesn't help at all:

Dinner Plate: There is no one like You; there is no God but You! II Samuel 7:22b

Why thank you, plate, but I think your opinion of me might be a bit inflated.

Although...the mug that says Be still, I am God! could be useful at work.

I'm not sure what I would think if someone served me a meal on their Prosperity collection plates.


Seriously, I think my Lenten discipline will just be getting my ass to church on Sunday. Been failing on that front lately. I went to Ash Wednesday services; that's one of my favorite liturgies of the year. I love the Litany of Penitence. I appreciate that for at least one day we stop trying to feel good about ourselves and acknowledge that we're blowing it on multiple fronts and desperately need grace.

side note: please notice that I did not say we're fucking it up - that's because we're on the new kinder, gentler, less mimic-able language plan at our house. Of course, Isaac spends enough time with Dennis in the car that I expect him to start saying JACKASS! any day now.

Isaac is having a little developmental spurt right now. He's much more serious about doing the big-boy crawl on his hands and knees instead of his commando wiggle. He drops down to the commando if he wants ultra-speed or is trying to transport four pacifiers and a maraca across the room and needs his hands free. He is still pulling up and doing a bit of cruising on furniture, so walking is coming.

The sweetest thing he has started doing is his leg-hugs. If Dennis and I are standing close together, he'll rush over to us and grab one of my legs and one of Dennis' and pull himself between them. Family hug!

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