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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

this is not Isaac in a dress

My mom insists that Isaac looks just like baby me, and sent some photos to prove her point.

I'm probably about a year old here. There's definitely a resemblance.

I don't think the next one looks like Isaac, but I don't think it especially looks like me, either. I'd say it's the goofiest hairstyle I ever had, but that only works if we forget the 80s. Of course, the 70s have to answer for the beige shag carpet.

(seriously mom? the hair?)

And I expect we'll have to get used to this expression eventually:

So much cuter:

Isaac and his piano.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

handing this one in late

Yes, yes, bad blogger. But really, you've only missed out on overly graphic descriptions of all of us being sick and the parents being slammed by their respective jobs. Not all that interesting.

We're all healthy for the moment, though, and Isaac is oh so busy. He's Mr. Standing now; pulling up on the train table, pulling up on the coffee table, pulling up in his crib, pulling up on our pantlegs. So impressive, although there have been more than a few head-bonkings because he's still working on balance.

On Saturday, Isaac and I walked up to the farmer's market with Ryan, Leigh and Nathan, and afterwards we went out to breakfast. Isaac and Nathan split an order of pancakes and were quite happy, so we enjoyed a rather civilized breakfast considering that 40% of our party was under the age of 2.

They also brought Isaac the best present ever, a set of excellent maracas. I've never seen him so in love with a toy; he even took one to bed with him for his nap in the afternoon. He just didn't want to let go of it. Also fun: shake the baby when he's holding maracas. So much giggling. Most of his favorite toys are music-related, so I've signed us up for a Saturday morning music class that starts in a few weeks. The time will come soon when he realizes that his mama is tone-deaf and sucks at Guitar Hero.

I've finally had a chance to work on the house a bit; I have my sewing table set up, which means I can finally get Isaac's super-cool space curtains from the old house altered and hung. Except...I haven't seen them since we moved. Sigh. I know they're here somewhere. While I was looking for them, I found two more skeins of blue Malabrigo yarn...which should have been included in the throw blanket I knit for my parents for Christmas. I lost track of how many skeins I'd used and thought I'd used it all. Sigh 2. So the blanket could have been slightly bigger, but it was still pretty. I knit the yarn double on size 15 needles, in a windowpane moss stitch, and it turned out so soft and warm. Maybe I'll make a hoodie or something for Isaac with the rest.

What? We need photos of Isaac-based cuteness? How about Isaac Eats Yogurt:

note: he is still holding a spoon here. The wrong end has been used, but at least there is an attempt at utensil use.

A few minutes later:

By this point, he has gone directly to the yogurt-as-finger-food plan. Next stop: bathtub.

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