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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh, no effing way

Jesus H. Christ on a surfboard

And, name five reasons why Jesus won't be giving a talk on bike safety any time soon.

Check out the whole collection; most aren't available yet, so you'll just have to wait for your Sweet Chuck Norris Jesus Riding A Bull sculpture. The title on that one is I Am Strength, which makes the slightly freaked-out quality of the face sculpt that much better.

The surfing one is called I Am Spirit (not, as you might have thought, I Am Mountain Dew).

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Again! Again!

You know what I feel like doing? Another Cavalcade of Bad Nativities. The first one was in 2004...I think it's time.

I'm crawling the web and poking the dark side of ebay. I'll start the first Sunday in Advent, December 2.

Cavalcade II: Electric (Baby Jesus) Boogaloo

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

jive turkey: now with pattern!

Hey, remember that silly turkey hat I knit for Isaac last year? I made a pattern for it and posted it at goingcrafty. Now babies all around the world can enjoy wearing turkey hats.

Obviously, I still need to put it on Isaac for photos of extreme cuteness, and I will do that very soon. Promise. My attempt to do it this morning turned into a referendum on the cruelty of the mama who will not let the baby eat the camera. Which he should TOTALLY be able to do. Now. (throw hat)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

best thing ever

Following the discovery of stealth-sitting baby, we went to Toys R Toxic and used one of his bday giftcards to set him up with a noisy electronic sitting-up toy. He encountered it for the first time this afternoon, and Dennis sent me this photo:

Isaac is in love. Don't wanna eat, Dada. Toy. Don't wanna nap. Toy.

Slightly visible: the corner of the trunk/coffee table, which did not have foam duct-taped to its sharp corners at this time last year. Self-adhesive foam bumpers my ass. He had those things off within minutes of noticing them. So far the festive green duct tape is holding him off, and keeping his head relatively bonk-free.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

double agent

Turns out my baby has a secret life.

As I've said, I'm really trying not to mindfuck any of the milestones stuff; it's a bad idea in general, but especially for preemies, who get organized on their own shedules. So I've been trying not to notice that Isaac doesn't sit up. I know he won't do anything until he's ready, and he has another Early Intervention evaluation in December anyway, so if there's anything actually wrong, they'll tell us then.

I dropped Isaac off at the International House of Boodles this morning, and as always he was Done with me as soon as we walked in the door, because he was in a hurry to smile at everyone. I signed him in, and the caregiver commented on how excited she is to see him sitting up.

Me: WHA..?

And, sure enough, when I turned around he was sitting with no support at all and smacking away at a noisy electronic toy. Apparently he started doing that there last week, and they figured he was already doing it at home. I think he's just showing off for his friends.

So, yay, baby who sits. He also has a new crawling move on the kitchen floor, where his legs are much more a part of the action, with more butt elevation. He's in some kind of developmental overdrive at the moment. There are new noises, too. I think the chickachickachicka one is hilarious. It sounds like Nathan saying Chugga, his word for train, so I keep thinking that if they hang out soon, Nathan will be thinking, "what a fine playdate, we had an excellent conversation about trains."

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

smell my feet

Isaac was not impressed by Halloween. He got melty and went to bed early. He slept right through multiple doorbell-ringings (until Dennis just disengaged it) and much loudness. As I said, he is my son.

We went through a lot of candy, giving it out to a disturbingly large number of spidermen. Apparently we are well-covered in the superhero department. We also do not need to fear a shortage of princesses. The pastel netting industry should be having a great year. I was a bit disappointed that there weren't any great homemade or super-clever costumes, but that's just because I'm a sewing nerd and like to see what people make.

There are some great decorations on our block. I wish I'd had time to do something. The Halloween issue of Make had so many cool projects in it. I am saving it for next year. Our house seems pretty haunt-able. I ran the cheap bubble machine I bought for Isaac's party, at least until it started to make a soapy mess on the porch. Some of the littler kids forgot all about candy, they were so excited by the bubbles.

Bea and Gracie did not approve of any of the goings-on, especially since they were locked up in back after some escape attempts.

Happy Halloween!

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