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Thursday, September 27, 2007

it's been a year? really?

A year ago today was the OB appointment that ended with me being admitted to the hospital at 30 weeks. Ah, yes, two weeks of bed "rest." Good times.

Of course, Mr. 32 Weeks is now (relatively) giant and eating everything we/he can shovel into his mouth, so the story ends well.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We're making good progress on our painting. Not as much as I imagined would happen, but that's usually the way of these things.

Saturday, I had a ton of help from Rita, who has mad tape skills and did the fussy windows in the back bedroom before tackling the job of washing down the scary cabinet in the kitchen. If I had any idea how bad it was under the top layer of shelf paper in there, I would not have asked her to do it. At one point, she was scraping muck off the middle shelf with a putty knife. It smelled like bacon. Vile. There will be much primer/sealer applied to that cabinet, and we'll pretend this never happened. I think the others will be better.

Also, there were random loose almonds on one shelf. Like, hey, we're moving out and I think I'll just leave a big pile of nuts la la la.

Isaac was home with Dennis on Saturday, but came for a visit and slapped the floor for a while. Floor slapping, all the cool babies are doing it.

The crawling behavior is intensifying. His forearms are a bit chafed from all the hard work, and his pant legs are getting pilled. He's not as happy on his soft blanket now, he wants to push it aside so he can get some resistance on the rug. I see where this is going.

Isaac spent Sunday with Grandma and Den and I busted a paint move on all the bedrooms. They're looking pretty awesome, and I'm hoping that we can get going on the kitchen in the next few days.

Not surprisingly, this perfect storm of stress and physical activity (who knew that painting involved one's thigh muscles to such a degree?) and lack of sleep and questionable food choices caused the cold I'd been fighting for about a week to come on full-force by Sunday evening, and I spent Monday in bed. Bleh. I'm feeling a bit better, but this is not great timing.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

bonus parenting skillz

I've discovered something that's good for parents to know: how to pop the keys back on the laptop keyboard. It's not easy, and yet I was briefly without E and C today, after computer-smacking turned into tiny little Isaac fingers popping the keys off. I suppose I should be pleased with his fine motor control. Mostly I'm just resigned to the fact that my baby is turning into a menace to inanimate objects (and animate kitties). Yesterday he wanted my laptop's power cable soooo badly. It inspired him to climb over a throw pillow, and display the most concentrated bout of Commando Crawling I've seen yet. He's not getting his butt off the floor yet, but he's quite good at pulling himself along on his arms and wiggling his legs. And after all that, mama took away the cord, because she is a MONSTER. I'm rather nostalgic for the days of my easily distracted baby, when I could pull a jedi mind trick like waving the pig poop snowglobe block at him, and he would forget all about that silly power cord/tivo remote/chainsaw.

Painting at the new place is going well. I've gotten most of the prep done in the bedrooms, and tonight I painted the ceiling in Isaac's room, so that I can do the walls on Saturday. I've taken a bunch of Before pictures, and will post them when there's some After. We're moving the first week in October, so I'm not into crunch time yet, but the new carpets are being installed in the bedrooms late next week and I'm enjoying not having to worry about the floors while I'm painting.

My favorite Stuff blog right now is daddytypes. It tells me about things like the r2d2 hat pattern.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

going to the STØR

Hey, you know what's NOT a good idea? Ikea on a Sunday. Seriously.

I was there for couple of hours today. As were Ryan and Leigh and, I think, the entire population of the bay area. Most of whom, oddly, seemed to be pregnant. I don't remember going to Ikea more often when I was pregnant, but apparently at least one major manifestation of the nesting urge requires flat-packed Swedish goods. It was one of those things that starts to freak you out a little once you notice it.

Anyway, with two new houses to be wrestled to the ground, we were mostly idea-shopping, although I think Leigh may have braved the checkout line to get some IVAR action. Me, I didn't buy more than my $2.50 lunch combo (2 hot dogs, drink, chips), but I see some purchases in the near future. We shall see how it all shakes out once our stuff lands in the new house.

Back to staring at paint chips.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

[non-knitters can ignore this one]

Whee! I got my Ravelry invitation at last! If you're already on there, I'm on as goingcrafty. That's a reference to my new but already neglected craft blog (formerly sewgeeky, until I lost the domain)

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Friday, September 07, 2007

zomg! house!

We're renting a house! A house! A super-cute adorable full-on vintage house, with three bedrooms and a little yard and it's right downtown and squeeeee!

Ahem. Yeah, I'm excited.

We're moving at the beginning of October. The owners are putting in new Pergo floors in the living room and kitchen, and new carpet in the bedrooms, and doing some other upgrades. We negotiated a lower rent by not making them paint it for us AND we can go ahead and paint it ourselves with whatever colors we like. Ike's room is going to be awesome.

Seriously, the place is adorable. It was built in the 20s and is a perfect little cottage. I don't think there's a plumb line in the place after 80 or so years of settling, and the room layout is a bit odd, but it's got a ton of character. It's exactly the kind of house I've always wanted. It's about a mile from where we are now, and we can walk to downtown and the farmers market.

Dennis will be able to have an actual office, which will really help with one of our big parental issues: how do you keep the baby out of the CDs when half a dozen more arrive every day and they're stacked everywhere? Answer: gate off half the office and have big bins for Just-In | Reviewed/Like | Reviewed/Crap | Coasters.

The new house has washer and dryer hookups, so our first adventure will be trying to score a used set. The hookups are on opposite walls, so no stackable system, but I'm sure I'll have no trouble finding something suitable on craigslist. We shall be free from the tyranny of quarters! It also does not have a built-in dishwasher, so I will be keeping an eye out for a portable one that we can hook up to the sink.

Oh, and there's a patio in the back, and a front lawn, so lots of play space. There is a garage and the closets are big, so there's tons of storage, although I intend to shed a lot of stuff when we move. I didn't have the energy to do a proper stuff-purge when we moved upstairs last summer, so it's overdue. Freecycle's gonna love me.

For added fun, Jon and Ryan are moving into their awesome new house (much closer to us than their old one was!) in a few weeks, so we're all going to be disoriented and have Google map printouts in our cars so we can find our way home.

ps - it has a big ol' clawfoot tub with NO SHOWER DOORS!

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Isaac parties at church

We took Isaac to the Rite II service @ St. Ned's, the one with music, yesterday and he had a great time. He recently started "singing" along with music, so he tried out a few songs, and I bounced him up in the air during the high-energy offertory. He didn't nap in the morning, so by the end of the service he was starting to be a bit ragged. Dennis took him out in the garden during communion, where one of them tried to eat a handful of ivy off the side of the building, and got very upset when this great pleasure was denied. The break from the over-stimulation was good, though, and he mellowed out and allowed himself to be adored after the service. We hung out for a bit and I talked socks with all my knittas.

It felt good to be back. It's a very different experience, worshiping with a baby, and I know that Dennis and I never really connected with the service in the way that we used to, but still, sometimes just showing up is the blessing. Maybe the rest will come later, when we stop being hyper-aware of being the people with the baby-who-could-go-off-at-any-moment. At least it's a noisier service than the early one, so I didn't feel as self-conscious about Isaac's commentary.

I burned up all of my slowly-returning energy on Saturday hitting garage sales and Goodwill with Ryan and Leigh, and then lunch and people-watching at the farmer's market downtown. Mostly it was really stroller-watching; I think I like our stroller, but I'm always checking out everyone else's storage capacity, and looking at the pretty Bugaboos. Not my thing, but they are fun to look at. My big score of the day was a black leather jacket from Macy's at Goodwill. It was marked $60, but they were having a $3 sale on all clothing, no exceptions, so I got it for $3. SCORE.

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