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Friday, August 31, 2007

lameness, thy name is Sara

Stupid week. I'm sick and it is so annoying. I'd rather be at work just for the air conditioning. It's hotter than Satan's sweatpants in our apartment. Fortunately, I've mostly been asleep.

I woke up in time for Afternoon Pool Party Theater today, though. It stars Isaac as the baby in the wading pool. He loves to splash on his tummy in a few inches of water, but he hasn't been willing to roll over in it. Until today! He finally decided to just go for it, and then he rolled back and forth across the pool, giggling the whole way. He hasn't always been a happy boo this week; there are mean ol' molars trying to work their way into his mouth. But pool time is happy time.

Product plug: I usually just snark on the One Step Ahead catalog (aka "danger! danger! wrap baby in Bubblewrap Bumbler Gear™ immediately!), but I ordered something really awesome from them. It's a cushion mat for the edge of the tub, so I can give Isaac a bath without driving my abdomen into the (stupid horrible hate hate hate) shower door track on our tub*. There's also a little pad for my knees. It's definitely our Ike-related clever product of the year 2007.

*I've become slightly fixated on the idea of owning a house lately, and I think about 80% of it is directly related to not wanting to have a tub with shower doors ever again. There are probably healthier ways to deal with this. Also, it's not likely to happen any time soon.

I'm starting to get plans together for Isaac's first birthday party. My mom is going to come out for it, so he'll have Maximum Grandma Effect. We've reserved a nice shady picnic spot at a local park. I'm going with a monkey theme, if only to follow up on the monkeys from our wedding. Monkeys!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

silly mama

I am such a goop. I took the baby swing apart and put it away because Isaac has been trying to find the ejector seat or do back flips out of it, and I started crying. He's growing up so fast. Wasn't he just this little guy, enjoying the swing in the nicu?

On the plus size, the living room seems a bit bigger now.

Isaac has a big-boy stroller now, and he loves being able to face out and see everything. He and his dad walk to the produce market and the grocery store and the park. Here they are yesterday heading out on an adventure; Isaac is taste-testing the straps of the harness. I recently upgraded both of us to camera phones, so Dennis sent this photo to me while I was at work.

I'm working on a bunch of site changes, which will be showing up soonish.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

10 months!

Isaac is 10 months old today! Such a big boy!

He celebrated with carrots and green beans. Carrots are way exciting.

I predict that kitty will be the next word; he was working on it yesterday. Kitties are the best. Bea has started flicking her big fluffy tail just out of his reach, which drives him into hysterical giggles.

Almost as good as kitties: bubbles. His favorite afternoon activity is rolling on the padded picnic blanket out on the patio, while daddy blows bubbles. We picked up a cheap bubble gun a while back, so we can make a whole slew of bubbles for Isaac's amusement. If he's really lucky, Gracie will come out and chase a few of them, and the combination of bubbles and the kitty will cause a giggle storm.

I should really starting thinking about his first birthday party. And an awesome Halloween costume!

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm just talkin' about da-daa

We have a word! Yesterday, I was hanging out with Isaac in his room and Dennis came in and I said, "look who's here!" and Isaac looked right at him and said, "da-daa!" And an hour or so later, he and Dennis were playing on the floor and he grabbed Dennis' shirt and said it again! It's very distinct, unlike his usual stream of repeated consonant sounds.

He has done it a few more times this morning, so I think it's real. Isaac talks!

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