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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


We have a milestone of sorts; Isaac is now 32 weeks old, which means (if you ignore some fuzzy math) he has now been Out for as long as he was In.

He does not seem especially troubled by this, as seen here:

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Isaac was most annoyed with me this afternoon (why? who knows) and was all sputtering and indignant and it came out as raspberries. Which I then recorded.

We tried to go on an away mission today (operation: shirts that don't look stupid on mama) and he just had no enthusiasm for being out in the world. I really wanted to hit the Maker Faire tomorrow, but that's probably just not going to happen, since Dennis is busy and I'd have to take Isaac, who would find it even less fun than shopping. Maybe next year.

As proof that I do make things, here is another cross stitch I did for one of my favorite people, who is having a really, really shitty 2007:

I mean it, too. Cancer, you SUCK.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

monkeys: still funny

Happy Anniversary to us!

Three years ago.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

oh, right, I have a blog

I swear the boodle does wear clothes sometimes, it's just that all of my favorite photos of him lately are nudies.

Our plans for mother's day fell apart, but we made a Target run this afternoon. I think it would be far more efficient if they just established a $100 cover charge for us. We can't seem to get out of there for much less than that. A good chunk of it is groceries; the funky Target in the Post-Apocalyptic Death Mall* nearby added a huge grocery section, which fills in most of what we can't get at Trader Joe's. Still, between diapers and the preemie formula we're still adding to his milk for bonus calories, it's mostly boy-related.

*Seriously, the mall is completely closed and boarded up except for this weird two-story Target with a sweet escalator that takes your cart up, and the Saddest Macy's In The World is open at the other end of the building.

warning: getting too close to Isaac will cost you your glasses

I'm having kind of a rough time right now; I've been very down all week and unpleasant to have around. I'm not really good at being new at things, and currently I'm flying blind in most of the major areas of my life. Still trying to get up to speed at work, still worrying that I'm not being a good mom to Isaac, still trying to figure out how to be a good wife and friend through all of that. I'm getting a handle on it, but it still sucks.

I have a badly-placed scratch on my hand (thank you, Bea) that is making knitting too annoying, so I've been doing a couple of pieces from Subversive Cross Stitch. I made this one for my mom for mother's day:

(mom, you'll get it when I see you next month!)

It suits her.

Isaac is doing one day a week of daycare; Dennis is doing a lot more writing and editing now and he needs the time to take care of that and have meetings and do interviews and talk to grownups and wear real pants. Of course we were very nervous and almost talked ourselves out of it a couple of times...and of course he totally loves it. He's going to a really small (like 4 kids) in-home baby/toddler daycare run by someone I know from St. Ned's, it's called a multicultural center so we've been referring to it as the International House of Boodles (IHOB). And, yes, I know how amazing it is that we have really good licensed care that we can actually afford for one day a week. Isaac is very happy at the IHOB, and is especially fascinated by a slightly older girl who can crawl. They hang out and smile at each other. Isaac charming the ladies...further proof that life really is just like Love Boat.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

brought to you by the letter b

The Consonant Fairy arrived over the weekend, bringing a bundle of MUH MUH MUH and HA KAA HA and BUH BUH BUH sounds to Isaac. He then figured out that being burped is much more fun if you make noise. We've also had sporadic raspberries, but it's very serious business requiring a great deal of concentration.

We had a little heat wave this weekend, so there was plenty of nudie time.

I finished my second sock, but it has been too hot to put them on. They're quite lovely, though. I went to the yarn store on Sunday and picked up more sock yarn for another project.

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