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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more

Don't have much time to write this morning, but...I have a new job! I'm done at St. Ned's as of March 9.

The new job at Local Major University is web stuff, not church-related, and it pays well enough to get Dennis out of his craptastic job so he can stay home with Isaac and write. That was a big part of my motivation for leaving; I couldn't watch him getting up at the crack of dawn seven days a week to go work at the church, knowing that if I just went to work somewhere else, I'd make more than they were paying both of us. While I like to pretend that I'm all above material concerns and exist solely on a spiritual plane (insert Snakes on a Spiritual Plane joke here), I realized that I was taking care of the church at the expense of taking care of my family, and that doesn't work.

I already know some of the people I'll be working with at the new job, and I'm excited about having co-workers doing the same thing I'm doing and being part of a team again. And I'm nervous because, well, I'm kind of socially inept, and I don't know what kind of lunchboxes the other kids are carrying this year.

So, yeah, big changes comin' at our house. Also, maybe(?) teeth. We have sustained grumpiness and drooling. I guess we're hitting the stage where the baby could levitate three feet off the floor and start reciting Jewel lyrics in a demonic voice and we'd be like, "huh, must be teething."

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can't sleep clown will eat me

Or maybe just taunt me with a balloon and blame it on Jesus.

Christian clown training video:

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

wow, do people really blog about knitting on the wide wide world of web?

What a fun Saturday! I went to Stitches West, the giganto knitting expo, with Rita today. We didn't go to any of the classes, just to the giant market, but it was awesome. I brought as much cash as I was willing to spend, and ended up only a little bit over. Admittedly, that was only because the booth with the gorgeous hand-dyed yarn sold out of the colorway I loved by the time I figured out what I wanted to make with it.

I bought a couple of patterns, one for Isaac and one for me, and some midnight blue Malabrigo merino for my sweater. Which I bought from...my favorite local store, the one I go to every few weeks as it is. So much for finding exciting new vendors, huh? But I like them a lot.

I used up all of my brain on the knitting show, though. I had to go into work later this afternoon to finish up a bunch of stuff for tomorrow. Dennis was working, too, so I brought Ike in to hang out with me in the office. Note that I said I brought the baby; I did not say that I brought any food for the baby. The baby who is in the middle of some kind of growth spurt wich involves many, many bottles of high-octane milk. So Dennis went back home to grab a supply for him, and on the way back he stopped off to get us coffee. Sweet, sweet mocha. So rich, so tasty...so all over my desk. And my pants. And my shirt. And my phone. Sigh. Fortunately, we have a stash of St. Ned's t-shirts in the office, so I mopped up, slipped into something less chocolaty, and got back to work. Isaac was a good sport about all of it, even when I had to set him down on his blanket for a few minutes so that I could fix the stupid copier. Anyway, the world is now safe for democracy, or at least there will be bulletins tomorrow.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

this one goes to 11

(awesome onesie by Baby Wit)

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

interspecies fun

Bea is crazy about Isaac's feet when he's wearing socks. They fascinate her, the way they wave around. She bats at them and the baby smiles and smiles. He's not laughing yet, but we can't wait for him to start. I'm sure he'll giggle his head off at Bea.

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love stinks

My plan was to get a cute picture of Isaac to use to make Valentine cards for his grandparents and godparents. But this is representative of what actually happened:

We'll try again at Easter.

He's doing really well lately. He's over 10 pounds, he sleeps, and he's eating. He's still at the way low end of the charts even for his adjusted age, but he's growing steadily, and he's doing age-appropriate things like trying to eat both of his fists at once. Overall, he's a very easy-going and cheerful little guy. He has an adorable pout, though. If his bottle isn't warming fast enough, we get to see Tormented Baby Theater's one-man show, Why Must Isaac Suffer So?

Oh, and I'm not all that brain-ful lately, which is why I forgot to post a link to Leigh's survey about art appropriation; if you're a creative type, please take a minute and help out by responding!

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Isaac has now been home with us for two months! He will be four months old on Saturday. He is celebrating by officially outgrowing the last of his NB size clothes. He is Mr. 0-3 now. The other day, I dressed him in a robot romper, with pirate socks and monkey shoes. It was the perfect pop-culture trifecta. Robot monkey pirate!

But sometimes you just gotta chill out in your diaper.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

blanket monster

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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Oh, Bea. Bea did something bad Thursday morning.

Somehow, not-quite-seven pounds of kitten made their way up to the top shelf in the bedroom closet. While there, she jumped on a box and dislodged it and it fell down. It was not one of the boxes containing clothes that don't fit or are out of season. No. It was not the box with my wedding dress in it. Nope. It was one of the ones containing china.

Broken china, now. Guess I'm going to make some gorgeous mosaics soon, using bits of my grandmother's Limoges.

A few pieces may be salvagable with a bit of glue, at least enough to be hung on a wall above eye level or used under a candle. Which is to say used, as opposed to being in an unopened box that gets shuffled from dark closet to dark closet for a decade. Now that the set is incomplete and there are chips and imperfections, I can't wait to get it out and play with it. Weird.

I moved the remaining china boxes to a more secure location. The closet door is usually open a bit because it's a favorite hiding spot of the Gracie, but for some reason I thought a heavy box on a high shelf was safe from a few pounds of kitten. I was wrong.

Apparently Bea is Isaac's advance team for babyproofing. We've already had to switch to a lidded trashcan in the bathroom because she thought the old one was a box of magic treasure. Kitten energy is a crazy, crazy thing.

In happy news, Bea's vet pronounced her very healthy, and figures she's about six months old. Bea has a naked spot on her belly where they shaved her to check for a spaying scar, which she doesn't have. So we're taking her to the cat rescue where we got Gracie to get her fixed-n-chipped ASAP.

Isaac has been, as Jon put it, sleeping like a human being for the past few nights. He had three nights in a row of seven- or eight-hour stretches. Last night we had an early-morning bottlefest, but he went right back to sleep. And he's eating really well, too. I fully approve.

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