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Friday, May 26, 2006

when clip art attacks

Look, I have a Jesus balloon!

I cannot express how strong the urge to draw a little string from the disciple's hand to Jesus' foot is.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

it's great to be alive

In the past week, Dennis and I have both had very specific dreams in which we are told to basically quit bitching. In his case, it was the hippie character from the last episode of Minoriteam (on Adult Swim) who told him that he has a great life, and in my case it was this random guy I knew when I was in college in New York. I believe the exact words were something like:

Look, Sara - if your life now is as good as it seems, and I know how shitty your life was before, then just eating a goddamn sandwich should be a cause of celebration, let alone all the other amazing stuff that is happening.

And then I flew around his apartment a couple of times and left. Actually, it wasn't really flying so much as jumping from wall to wall. I do that a lot in my dreams. There was also a subplot involving a blimp with birthday candles on it. But I think the thing about the goddamn sandwich was supposed to be the takeaway.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

how many Episcopalians does it take...

The lighting guys are here today to change the lightbulbs in the church ceiling. It's the kind of job that you don't really think you'd need a couple of guys and a bunch of equipment to do, but when your bulbs are about 60 feet off the ground, you might as well hire Cirque du Soleil to go up there and deal with it.

Dennis is here to help, although I'm very happy he won't be going up there. We were highly amused by the warning label on the lift they brought:

I don't know why that drawing makes me laugh.

We're both in a better headspace this week. I'm sure the fact that I seem to have exited the nausea stage and entered the eating everything in sight phase is helping us feel a bit better about life in general.

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