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Friday, May 07, 2004

let me eat cake

Ryan has posted instructions for the Flaming Bridezilla Cake. Enjoy!

Leigh is back in town and is getting wedding cake supplies today. Should I be concerned that her list of stops included Home Depot and Radio Shack?

We've been re-forecast to 77° and partially cloudy. I am juuuust fine with this, speaking as the chick in the Hulk petticoat, which is not all that different from the 70s sauna suit craze.
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Thursday, May 06, 2004

more update

I'm back in 'ferret with a triple espresso loose in a sugar factory' mode again, so here are bullet points:

Weather.com is giving a forecast of 80° and sunny with no chance of rain for the wedding. Yay!

I stayed up and sewed last night. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but I'm a bit punchy now. I did the tricky part involving the neckline lining, though, and it turned out well. It was tricky because it involved sewing next to the beading; somehow I managed not to break any needles, which is impressive.

I tried priceline last night to see about getting a better place for our wedding night, and ended up with a 4-star resort for what I was going to pay for a Quality Inn. Highly cool! We'll be leaving from there for Disneyland and the Tower of Terror (I might just sweep by the scary bellhop guy with, "dude, I just planned a wedding. how bad could this be?").
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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

bride update

So far, so good. We're both having weird dreams. My skin is behaving itself. The tooth bleaching kit I bought in a fit of vanity is actually working. I'm making progress on the top half of the dress. People are being wonderful and coming forward to help and bringing me cans of diet crack. Leigh will be here tomorrow, yay. My parents are on their way out and are currently in Oklahoma. We obtained a very nice suit for Dennis, although we're still working on the Tie issue - there are some scary-ass ties out there. I'm housesitting this weekend and will have a nice sewing retreat where I can make a big mess and run Mystery Science Theater videos constantly and no one will care.

Enjoying my last day of double-digit countdown. Today, it is ten days to go.
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