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Friday, April 23, 2004

fun with phillips-head screwdrivers

Should all church secretaries be able to field-strip a PC and put it back together? Ok, probably not, but I have to say, it helps.

I have two patients on the operating table today. One is a serious surgery, in that the power supply of the youth minister's computer is failing. At least, I hope so, since I'm about to go to Fry's and buy a new one and I would really like that to solve all of its problems. The old power supply came out without too much trouble, and I was very clever and actually labeled all the bits as I unplugged them, so that I will have some idea of what needs to be plugged back in where on the new one. I also took digital photos of the inside before I dismantled everything. Normally, I only think of these things after I'm surrounded by parts that don't seem to go anywhere. I even put all the screws in a dixie cup instead of just leaving them kicking around the tabletop. I'm growing up or something.

The other task is upgrading a computer to do digital video editing. St. Ned's has a really nice digital video camera, but no way to do editing (the current method = go to parishioner's house who has the right software). So, I got us a DVD burner (at a great price, thanks to my favorite deal source, Slick-Deals), and will be picking up a buttload of RAM and a firewire card at Fry's. The software is on its way from Amazon. We're starting with Screenblast Movie Studio 3.0. We want to make relatively basic movies to show during services, so I think this will be adequate. Also, no one here actually knows anything about making movies, so starting simple is the way to go.

I may or may not actually film my epic, The Toys On Top of Sara's Monitor. We did a little one-act play yesterday in which the dancing hula girl touched the hem of the Jesus action figure's robe and was healed, while the stuffed bear looked on and the Jesus on a Spring bounced about happily.

Ok, it's me versus Fry's next. And a trip to In-n-Out. And a swing by the paper store to look at paper for wedding programs, because somehow, this has to be about the wedding. I "don't actually work on Friday afternoons," but given the choice between having an empty office to do my computer voodoo in, or trying to do it in the middle of a normal day...I am making the right choice.
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Thursday, April 22, 2004

like Charlie Brown's teacher

My amazing goddaughter, Grandmaster BabyK, was in the office yesterday afternoon, saying blah blah blaba in the way that six-months-olds do, and I realized that I probably sound a lot like that, except it's blah blah blaba wedding blah blaba blah wedding blah.

I sincerely hope that my brain comes back after May 15th. That is all.
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