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Saturday, March 20, 2004

yeah, so, what's up with you?

(slipping in all casual like I haven't just taken a two-week vacation)

I'm looking for stationery right now. It's making me annoyed. Look, my grandmother told me that you never, ever use notecards that say 'thank you' on the front, and Miss Manners backs her up. I mean, nothing says obligation like a thank you note written on thank you paper. A lady should have her own personalized stationery and write on that.

Mmmmm...yah. I don't have the personalized paper. I'm not likely to, either, but I still need some cute little notecards and I can't find any that I really like that don't say thank yeeeew on the front. I know, could this be any more of a first-world problem?

I need notecards for writing notes because I'm having showers and I'm having showers because I'm getting married.
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