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Friday, August 08, 2003

God is all cool and stuff!

Found via the Jesus Museum, which has some amusing links and a teeeeny little chip on its shoulder about the church:


In focus groups, online polling, and one-on-one discussion, Extreme for Jesus has found that the number one reason teens don't read the Bible is that it is "too big and freaky looking." This fashion-magazine format for the New Testament is the perfect solution to that problem. Teen girls feel comfortable exploring the Scriptures and over 500 further-study notes because of the relevant format!

Blabs (Q & A)
12 month-long calendars
Love Notes from God
Issue articles
Basics of Christianity Articles
Beauty Secrets
Guys Speak Out!
Relationship articles
Truth or Dares
Devotional Reading Plans
and more . . .

I am strangely fascinated. Don't miss the video clip. I do know that the surly, unchurched teenager I was would have tossed this thing across the room and been insulted about being marketed down to. Maybe this is for kids who are already in youth groups.

Reminds me of the time we were driving through the south in the 70s and there was a comic book rack at a restaurant and my parents bought me some Archie comics and they turned out to be Archie Gets Saved comics. Does anyone know anything about these comics? I'm off to Google.
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Happy Anniversary Scott and Beth!

And, if Wednesday was Sarah's birthday, then today is the 5th anniversary of the day her mom married my brother! Best thing that ever happened to him. :-)
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weekend...oooooh yeeeeeah

This week has been exhausting. In addition to the national church drama, we've had Vacation Bible Camp every morning. 46 kids! It was really great. The theme was 'Heroes of the Bible' and every day the kids made a different piece of hero-gear during craft time. One day was shields made out of foil pizza pans, one day was crowns, one day was capes, one day was armbands. Yesterday I took pictures of the whole group in their hero outfits, and we printed them all out on the inkjet and the kids made frames for them today. Because, if you don't bring home something made from popsicle sticks, it isn't really Vacation Bible Camp, now, is it?

I thought Heroes was a great theme considering how many boys we have here (seriously, the Y chromosome is alive and well at St. Ned's) and it seemed to engage the kids. I wasn't really participating since I still needed to be at my desk, but I could hear them whooping it up in the room next door. I got song-bombed by their song Pharaoh Pharaoh, which is sung to the tune of Louie Louie. Had that stupid song in my head every day well into the afternoon.

Anyway. It's almost the weekend and there is much rejoicing. I thought I had to go to Ikea tomorrow to help get a dozen bookcases for Godly Play, but I don't have to. Yay! Not having to go to Ikea on a Saturday feels like a gift right there. I'm still going over to the East Bay, though...there's a sample sale at a pajama company and they're selling extra fabric, so I want to go and get some cheap jammies and maybe some fun fabric for, um, whatever. It's fabric! Do I need a reason?

Then I'm meeting up with Jon and Ryan and Dennis in the evening and the four of us are going to a fabulous restaurant in Rockridge to enjoy a yummy dinner. I am hugely looking forward to this.

I also get to return to my own place this weekend after two weeks of house-and-kitty-sitting for someone from St. Ned's. It's been really nice, and the kitty is very sweet and has become my buddy, but it will be good to be back in my own room. For a few days, anyway, since I start another housesitting gig on Tuesday. Housesitting rocks. I get a dog with this one, yay!

Sunday I'll be in church, doing the same thing we do every week. (Try to take over the world! Oh, wait, that's Pinky and the Brain. Different.)
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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

oooh, relevant

Be present, O merciful God, and protect us through the hours of this night, so that we who are wearied by the changes and chances of this life may rest in your eternal changelessness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

[from compline...I am off to bed!]
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Happy Birthday Sarah!

Today is the 13th birthday of my niece, Sarah. Whoo hoo! Happy birthday, Sarah!
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So, here's what I'm feeling the day after the election of the Rev. V. Gene Robinson to the episcopacy was approved. In no particular order, and sometimes all at once:

  1. Happy for the people of the Diocese of New Hampshire who get to keep the guy they chose to be their bishop. They said, "This is him! This is the guy! We have, after a long, prayerful process, picked him to lead us!" and the General Convention affirmed their choice. I'm glad they were heard.
  2. Sad because I know a lot of people feel that the church has betrayed them. I don't like to see their pain.
  3. Concerned for the Big Church. I hope we won't schism, that we'll all stay in communion.
  4. Concerned for the little church. If people want to leave St. Ned's and find another denomination, that is their choice, but I hope they will stay and grieve with the support of their community.
  5. Annoyed that this played out in the national media and made us into That Gay Bishop Church. I do think the Rev. Robinson did a fine job of handling the media, and managed to make the message not All About Him but all about God's love. It's just irritating that having sexuality issues discussed in the church is like throwing chum in the shark tank. There are real people involved here, and real lives, and real communities of faith.
  6. Confused in general. Sexuality is a big complicated mess under the best of circumstances, and here it is banging up against us and demanding that we pay attention and have answers and be able to support them through Biblical Whack-A-Mole. Guess what? I don't have the answers. I know what my heart tells me, and I want to believe that I'm aligned with God's will, but maybe I'm wrong. I also think we have much bigger fish to be fryin' and I am willing to let this slide to the bottom of my Stuff To Ponder list.

This is still too new, too raw, and too polarizing for any real discussion. I noticed that there were people at Convention who wanted to have further dialogue about the issue of ordaining women. That's been happening since the late 70s, and people still want to talk about whether or not it was a good idea. So I don't expect that we'll have a sudden consensus on this issue, either.
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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

start your needles

My new embroidery patterns just arrived. Whoo hoo! I got all four of the new ones, plus the kitty one and the mode-with-alphabet because I need an alphabet.

Now I just need to decide what to do first.
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you think of Sara as your freaked-out anxiety-crazed friend, and not as your *friend*

I have started actual application procedures for CDSP. My favorite part of the online application is this:

Note when choosing a user name: Your user name will be part of your user id when your application is sent to an admissions office.

So I lost a good 15 minutes thinking of inappropriate user names.

I've requested my transcripts from Parsons, and now I'm working on my personal statement. So far, it's ARRRRRRGH!!!! What am I thinking???!!!?? but I'm planning to come up with something a bit more upbeat before I finalize the application.

Then I have to get people to write letters of recommendation, which is almost enough to make me just give up on this whole stupid idea. Here is the header of the recommendation letter request:

RECOMMENDER: Education at CDSP is geared primarily for Christian Ministry, both lay and ordained, in its great variety of forms. Please indicate in what context you know the applicant and give a realistic appraisal of the applicant, including both strengths and weaknesses as you see them. In the space below or on an additional page, please consider the following about the applicant:
1) imagination and openness to new ideas;
2) emotional maturity, stability and self-discipline;
3) potential for leadership;
4) ability to get along with others;
5) attitude toward authority.

I knew I shouldn't have been running around with scissors in my teeth, screaming Get Away From Me!!!!! at everyone who came into the office last week. I knew that would come back to bite me in the butt. Oh, wait, that didn't actually happen, that was just a fantasy sequence while I was working on the newsletter.

Sigh. I am seriously freaking myself out here.
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