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Saturday, June 14, 2003

we're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks

Another day in the garage sale trenches.

Kat and I started off in the bug at 9 a.m., and hit a few sales. I scored a bunch of nifty things from an Everything's A Quarter box. Some unopened body glitter, a monkey head-nodder (monkey! head! nodder!) and some random cassettes for the car (yes, I know normal people's cars have CD players, but I'm still low-tech and besides with a cassette adapter I can listen to my MP3 player and hear This American Life whenever I want to) - 2 editions of Forever 80s: Love Songs, and Kate Bush The Whole Story, which I used to really love. If I don't love it anymore, then hey, I'm out a quarter. And I can put my Forever 80s tape back in and listen to Bonnie Tyler and the Bangles some more. I also found a lampshade for one of the lamps I bought a few weeks ago. If there is a 12-step program for lamps, I think I need to be in it.

Then we got to one of those weird sales where the people have waaaay too high of an opinion of what their stuff is worth, and you just keep looking at it all and going, yeah, right, ten dollars, uh-huh. But Kat is looking for bikes to take to Burning Man, for reasons involving popsicles (I don't have to understand this) and they were selling a bike for a neighbor for $15. This is an amazing girly-girl bike. It's all purple and teal and splattered paint and I believe that Bonnie Tyler and the Bangles were on the radio when it was first purchased, and the person riding it probably used a great deal of hair gel. Anyway, the bike was $15. And I have a bug and there's no way it was going to fit in there.

So, we popped over to Kat's mom's house to borrow her bigass Jeep. One of the nice things about my car is that people want to drive the little lime green bug and will usually trade their big, useful vehicle for it. We retrieved the Miami Vice bike and then moved on to the next sale, which turned out to be at the Museum of American Heritage. Lots of bizarre electronics, some old reel-to-reel tape machines and betamaxes and odd science-y stuff, much of which Kat snapped up for weird Burning Man projects. She also found a rusty bike with a 1952 license plate and a leather seat with the springs showing, which promptly went into the truck.

After that, we eventually got to an incredible estate sale. You know those people who never throw anything away? This is what happens when they die. What a crazy sale. Boxes and boxes of random shit, piles of magazines from when I was three years old, a history of fashion through hats and polyester dresses. For about five dollars I got a lamp (Hi, my name is Sara and I can't stop buying lamps with porcelain flowers on them), and some old necklaces that I'll take apart for the beads, some random sewing notions, a stack of magazines with great 70s illustrations (Family Circle presents: timeless fashions to knit and crochet - yeah, we'll see about that!), a planter and a really silly I Wuv You statuette, ©1967. What is this human emotion you call Wuv?
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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Zombie Cakes

Ryan has put together a lovely description of the Zombie Cake that Leigh made for Zombiefest last month. I was messing with people at the party and telling them how happy I was that she found a way to reuse the design she had come up with for my wedding cake. I think some of them believed me. But, then, I did win the horror movie trivia contest, so maybe they thought I was really that weird. The fact that I had stick-on googly eyes attached to my cleavage (I said it was in homage to The Hills Have Eyes) may have given them that idea. I really don't know.

I won a They're Coming To Get You, Barbara lunchbox in the trivia contest, and now I keep all of my embroidery stuff in it.

Today, I am enjoying my Dashboard Jesus, a small gift from Dennis last week. I have it on my monitor. I like to push down the spring, and then let it go and yell, ASCENSION!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

furniture rehab: first you have to admit you have a problem

Or, do normal people get up early on Saturday to go and look at other people's stuff?

One of the difficult things about moving is the sudden realization that one owns no furniture to speak of, and that furniture really does enhance a room and is a good thing to have. So, I've been hitting thrift stores and garage sales a lot lately. This has totally revived some little magpie part of my brain that wants shiny things, so I don't think I'll be sleeping in much on the weekends. I'm not one of the Earlybirds from Hell (the first sale at our recent garage sale happened at 6:15 a.m., basically as soon as the garage door went up to start setting things out for a sale that started at 8) but I do like to get out there early.

Disclaimer, I do own some furniture. I have an Ikea desk, unfinished pine department. So I decided that I should paint it before I set it up at the new place. It now has a thick coat of creamy-white paint and looks faaabulous. Or at least like a painted Ikea desk. That, and a really tacky pine slat shelf thingy, is it for furniture carryover from previous life. I let Dennis keep my bed (futon on platform), as he would not have a bed if I took it and that seemed like a shitty thing to do to someone I care about. the fact that I'm really sick of sleeping on that stupid futon influenced my decision only a little

I am currently sleeping on a twin mattress/box spring on the floor, but I soon will upgrade to a fine queen-size bed. Bed in question is a captain's bed with storage drawers, which Jon and Ryan are getting rid of after getting a gorgeous hand-me-down from his parents. I will be painting it white over the next week, and then moving it to my house. Everything looks better when painted white. It's shabby chic. Or just shabby, at least the way I do it. Anyway, I like white paint.

I recently bought a sewing table at Goodwill (the overpriced Goodwill near work) and then gave it a makeover. I stuck on some carvings I bought from here, and then painted the whole thing white and gave it new hardware. I really like it. I'm beginning to suspect that my sewing machine doesn't actually fit in it, so I can't store it in the cabinet part, but it's still very nifty. I should probably take a picture of it or something.

I'm also in the process of painting a chair I bought for $5 at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. See, I really need a chair to throw clothes on, and using my desk chair for that purpose isn't working out as I need to sit in it sometimes. So, I bought a cute little side chair and I'm painting it yellow (technically 'summer squash') and I have a nice floral fabric to cover the seat as soon as I can borrow a staple gun. I'm using the same yellow paint on the tacky wooden shelves, which may or may not make them more appealing. I found a nice embroidered linen tea cloth (maybe from the 40s? It's on the smallish side, and is embroidered with yellow and orange flowers in a black basket, and has a nice crocheted edging) that I'm going to put over whichever shelf is least attractive after the paint dries.

I'm excessively thrilled with two white wicker chairs I bought for $3 each last weekend. The wrapping on the legs needs a bit of repair (does anyone know where I can buy a roll of wicker reed? The thin kind for wrapping, not the structural kind?) but that's just cosmetic. They're broken-in and have flaky white paint and are really comfortable, and I see myself sitting out on the deck with a beverage and a book and my comfy chair and being very happy. When I am feeling wealthier, perhaps a nice chair pad from Pier 1 or Cost Plus will be added to this lovely picture.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I want to be a particle of your light

Things that are making me happy:

  1. Silly cats movie
  2. Planning a 5th of July party, complete with cocktail monkeys
  3. My super-fabulous small group @ church. We meet at my friend's house, and tonight Oscar the goofy dog was chasing his tail in the middle of the living room, while the cat sat on the couch and smacked him every time he got close enough, to chastize him for having so little dignity.
  4. Listening to Bruce Cockburn in my car
  5. The new Smoove B on the Onion: If you want toast, I will make it for you and offer you a staggering array of exotic French jams.

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Monday, June 09, 2003

it's hard to hold the hand of anyone who is reaching for the sky just to surrender

What I'm dealing with lately: Dennis in a state of serious depression. I have to say, I don't know what to do here. As he himself says, he's not especially interested in any help, and thus my attempts to force it on him haven't been at all useful. I spent time with him this weekend, and it was exhausting. He is in a tremendous amount of pain.

Near as I can tell, the public mental health services in Alameda county are crap, and of course he doesn't have insurance, so I'm not sure there's even a medical path available to him. I'd find a way to pay for it if he'd allow such a thing, of course, but without him being willing I'm stuck. I do not know what to do. I have certain pastoral care resources available, but they are all across the bay and surprise, he doesn't want that either. Faith sounds really hollow to him.

Right now, I'm just telling him that I love him, and that I believe that he is a good person with a fine heart and that this will pass. Which probably sounds like blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
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I think I feel a pilgrimage coming on

Desert Christ Park: YOU ARE THERE, at the Last Supper. You can pose with the Lord through a convenient window at Desert Christ Park, Yucca Valley, California.

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Documentary Fun

Out on DVD: Hell House and The Devil's Playground.
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It's not like I'm actually selling them IN the temple

wtfwjd? stuff

The last time I checked, WTFWJD was available as a license plate in CA, but I don't have the guts to get one for the bug.
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